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Peel garlic with water, convenient and fast

Garlic is one of the necessary ingredients in our daily cooking. It can be said that with garlic, our dishes are more colorful and fragrant. But peeling garlic is a very distressing thing. Most of the time, it's dirty to peel garlic. The whole palm stinks. Garlic is a good ingredient, but peeling it is very annoying. Xiaobian tells you that it's really super simple to peel garlic! Xiaobian to share with you the method of quickly peeling garlic with water, so that you no longer worry about peeling garlic!

The method of peeling garlic with water that Xiaobian will introduce to you is the method of soaking garlic with water. At present, the method of peeling garlic by soaking in water is widely used and can peel garlic faster. It is relatively simple to operate and generally has the following steps:

Step 1: first, we need to prepare materials and tools. A number of garlic to be peeled, a dish washing basin, and a proper amount of water.

Step 2: pour proper amount of water into the dish washing basin. If the garlic cloves need to be preserved for a period of time, do not soak them in hot water. Hot water soaking will make the garlic cloves soft, which is not suitable for preservation. We try to use water with low temperature or normal temperature, and the tap water is quite good.

Step 3: break up the whole garlic and divide it into pieces. Then we can put the broken garlic into a dish basin with clear water and soak it. After soaking for a while, we can peel the garlic. For our convenience, we usually soak garlic for more than half an hour.

The above is the method that Xiaobian wants to share with you to peel garlic quickly with water. Friends who are worried about peeling garlic can try this method. Xiaobian thinks this method is more effective. But small make up to remind everyone to pay attention to water temperature when soaking in water, water temperature should be appropriate yo! Do not use too hot water, do not use too cold water, especially in winter, normal temperature water peeling garlic is the best choice.