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How about the cost and process of house ownership transfer? What are the precautions of real estate

Real estate ownership transfer refers to the whole process of property right transfer from Party A to Party B through the transfer, sale, gift, inheritance and other ways to obtain the real estate and go to the housing ownership registration center to handle the housing property right change procedures. So how about the cost and process of housing property right transfer? What are the precautions of real estate transfer? Let's have a brief understanding.

Procedures for transfer of ownership

1. Sign sales contract (or other exchange contract, gift contract, etc.);

2. Loan approval: if the buyer needs a loan, the appraisal company will evaluate the real estate, the buyer will sign a loan contract with the bank, and the bank will approve the loan;

3. The buyer and the seller go to the housing authority to handle the transfer procedures.

The main documents needed are: ID cards of both parties, household registration books, marriage certificates, house property books and sales contracts.

2、 The process of real estate transfer

1. If you don't go through the real estate agency, you must write down the terms of the contract and breach of contract clearly. When signing the contract, all the co owners of the real estate certificate are present.

2. After the application materials are ready, you must go to the real estate bureau to fill in some forms and an inventory contract. The amount on the inventory contract must be the same as that on the contract.

3. Pay taxes, real estate transfer application materials to the real estate bureau, the real estate bureau will give a receipt, according to the receipt above the date to pay taxes, generally need about 15 working days.

4. Property transfer, taxes paid after you can get the property certificate, the buyer and the seller to hand over, transfer completed.

Extended information:

Notes for property transfer:

1. If a unit purchases a private house, it is also required to submit the original and copy of the qualification certificate (business license or organization code) of the legal person or other organization of the unit (with official seal), the power of attorney for the legal representative of the unit to apply for the certificate (received at the receiving window), and the original and copy of the trustee's ID card;

2. In case of non residential transfer, the certificate of land use right shall be submitted;

3. If the party concerned can not handle it in person, a power of attorney or notarial certificate shall be issued, and the entrusted party shall issue the original and copy of the ID card;

4. If the house has been leased and the purchaser is not the lessee, the lessee's waiver of preemptive right shall be submitted;

5. If there are co owners, the certificate of CO owner's consent to sell and the certificate of CO ownership shall be issued;

6. If the judgment is made by the court, the court judgment and the notice of assistance in execution shall be issued.