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All very good. How does Yao Chen dress? It's all very good. A guide for women with "gold collar"

Urban family drama "all very good" is on the air, starring actors Ni Dahong, Guo Jingfei and Yao Chen. Yao Chen plays a female elite who grew up with little attention. In addition to Yao Chen's superb acting skills, her way of dressing in the play has also attracted a large number of imitators. Today, let's take a look at Yao Chen's dressing in the show!

It's all very good, Yao Chen

The TV series "all very good" is popular. The netizens of the TV series all say that they really want to be killed by the Su family. OK! Why should such a good Mingyu treat her like this? Yao Chen's dressing is also super hot. In the past, the dressing of female stars in TV series can only be regarded as white-collar. Is Su Mingyu played by Yao Chen a gold collar? Good quality dressing makes netizens like it very much, and it looks good It's the time of the play that I didn't get angry with the plot.

It's all very good. It's a guide for women with gold collars

Coat elassay


Aura coat

From the beginning of the TV series, Yao Chen has established her strong female image with a gray coat. As a modern domineering female president, she certainly doesn't wear very bad. The elassay gray coat + hip skirt with the same color system are very cold, showing the alienation of thousands of miles away. It's all very good, Yao Chen

It's not only the coat, but also the windbreaker of various colors. It's also the favorite of Su Mingyu played by Yao Chen. Stella mccartey's red windbreaker is as beautiful as pictorial.


Slim suit

As an overbearing female president, a slim suit is also indispensable. After taking off the coat, it will be the home of the suit. Yao Chen has a high profile figure, and there is no problem in controlling the suit. She is mature in knowledge, strong in women, and suitable in popularity. It's all very good for Yao Chen to wear

Leather - allsaints


Cool jacket

It's very suitable for a lot of people to wear black jeans and leather clothes. It's full of vitality.


Casual cowboy

Jeans are also indispensable in Yao Chen's private clothes. Yao Chen's big long legs are really suitable for wearing jeans. Whether it's classic Lee jeans or Old Navy Jeans, Yao Chen looks good. Especially this tight leg style is really suitable for her, highlighting the curve beauty and adding a sense of casual. It's all very good, Yao Chen

At home, the Old Navy light blue jeans and long knitted cardigan are very suitable for today's weather. The clean, simple and comfortable wear is also worth following.

In the play, Su Mingyu's cardigans are also good. Free people's knitted coat and dress are too gentle. It's all very good, Yao Chen


Printed shirt

If you want to show femininity, you must have a shirt. Yao Chen's printed shirt is very popular in the workplace. It's very foreign for you to wear like Grandma. Kate Spade's chiffon shirt with Chopin's necklace is exquisite and elegant.


Exquisite silk scarf

Silk scarves can also be a necessary choice for Su Mingyu's workplace wear. It's like a button. Wearing silk scarves will immediately become the president of Ming Dynasty. Exquisite silk scarves can instantly enhance femininity and show noble temperament. It's also rare for women in the workplace to wear silk scarves. Unexpectedly, Yao Chen's silk scarves are made in China Tang (Chinese Name: Shanghai Beach) is very popular among royal nobles and fashion celebrities. Its strong Chinese style is very popular. It's all very good, Yao Chen

In addition to silk scarves, many items on President Ming's body are worth mentioning. Chopin imperial series watches are worth more than 100000 RMB. You can see your wealth from one single item.

Yao Chen's Lipstick

But I don't think lipstick is still simple. The lipstick painted by Su Ming Yu is L'OREAL's colorful glaze lipstick, which costs 135 yuan, and the price is very close to the people.

The color is bean paste, color code # 905, daily and versatile, gentle and impressive, very suitable for women in the workplace, help you easily hold a variety of occasions.