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How to use humidifier? How to choose humidifier

There is a lot of rain in the south, and the weather is easy to be wet. The most sad thing is the South return to the south. When the South return to the south, only the people who really meet can tell the feeling of depression. Besides the uncomfortable living environment, the humid environment is also easy to nourish bacteria, which is also a threat to people's health. At this time, it is very necessary to have a humidifier, so humidifier How to use it? How to choose humidifier?

How to use the dehumidifier

Method 1: first, place the dehumidifier in the place of air circulation and avoid putting it in the dead angle to cause the ventilation is not smooth enough to achieve the effect of dehumidification. In addition, do not add irregular additives (such as perfume) in the water tank, which will easily cause cracks in the water tank and the base, and affect the normal work of the machine. At the same time, the dehumidifier should also pay attention to the inspection in the process of use. If the float scales and the weight increases, the dehumidifier will also lose the function of self-stop without water, which will affect the operation of the dehumidifier.

Method 2: when using household dehumidifier, doors and windows should be closed as far as possible to achieve better dehumidification effect. Dehumidifier must be placed flat to avoid machine failure or abnormal sound.

Method 3: the humidity of the room is set below 60%, which can effectively prevent dampness and mildew. The wet quilt and mattress seriously affect our sleep quality. We can dry the quilt and mattress by dehumidification machine. The specific operation should be to close the door, set the humidity to dry clothes when there is no one, and set the humidity to comfortable when there is someone.

Method 4: after moving the dehumidifier, it's better to keep it still for four to six hours before use, because the compressor pipe of the household dehumidifier contains cold coal. After moving, it takes four to six hours for the cold coal to return to its original position. At the same time, the air filter net should be cleaned once every two weeks to maintain the dehumidification, dust removal efficiency and service life of the machine.

How to choose dehumidifier

Consider the size of the use of space, generally speaking, according to the actual maximum space area of the family to choose household type dehumidifier, for example: the largest area of the home is the living room, the area is 40 square meters, the height is 2.8 meters, the purchase of dehumidification capacity of about 40 liters of household dehumidifier is the best configuration. Usually according to the dehumidifier per liter of dehumidifier for one square meter of space calculation. The standard dehumidification capacity of dehumidifier refers to the effluent volume measured under standard conditions (temperature at 30 ℃, humidity at 80%). The doors and windows of the rooms that need dehumidification must be closed tightly, and the effect of dehumidifier is better in the sealed space.

Considering the humidity of the surrounding environment, the greater the dehumidification power is not, the better. If the air in the residential area is not moist enough, the dehumidifier can not achieve the claimed effect. It is suggested that the dehumidifier should be selected according to the degree of humidity in the residential area and the size of the space. The wetter the residence is, the larger the dehumidification capacity is. If you live in a very humid area and often feel that the floor is wet, or there are water drops on the ceiling, you can choose a model with strong dehumidification capacity, all depending on your own needs.

Pay attention to the sound of the product running. Generally speaking, the compressor dehumidifier has the sound of the compressor running. Families with noise requirements should pay special attention to this. Because the background noise of the store is sometimes very loud, it may be hard to hear the sound of the machine running. It is suggested to feel the vibration of the machine running with your hand. In theory, the more serious the vibration, the greater the sound.

Choosing brand and price brand is an important factor in choosing dehumidifier. Good brand dehumidifier has guaranteed performance and quality, as well as after-sales service. To a certain extent, the price determines the quality of the product. The product with high price has higher quality. As the saying goes, every cent is worth every cent. The service life with high price is relatively long, and the later maintenance cost will be reduced a lot.