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What is the cost per share of Alipay mutual treasure? How can Alipay share each other's treasure?

As soon as mutual treasure was launched, many people were amazed. The concept of "mutual relief, a sick person's money and 0 yuan free entry" refreshed the public's understanding of insurance. So how much money do you need to share in each phase of Alipay mutual treasure? How to calculate the cost shared by mutual treasure?

Alipay launched a plan of mutual aid for serious illness.

Mutual guarantee is a joint project of mutual assistance between Alipay and the United States. The ant members who are 650 or more of sesame can join 0 yuan to get 100 kinds of serious diseases including malignant tumor. After joining, if someone is unfortunately seriously ill, everyone will share his expenses. If he is ill, he can also get help from others. He can receive 100000 \ \ 300000 security money at one time.

Alipay on line mutual aid scheme for serious illness mutual protection

As soon as the product went online, it got the attention of the majority of netizens. It has only been online for two days, and now more than 1.5 million people have joined.

Unlike other serious illness insurance, the threshold of mutual insurance is relatively low. It is very cost-effective to get 99 Kinds of major diseases and nausea and tumor insurance without any cost. However, it should be noted that Alipay 'mutual treasure' is only guaranteed to be 59 years old, and the protection limit for the age of 40 is only 100 thousand.

On the 14 and 28 days of each month, the sum of the mutual guarantee and management fee will be deducted from each other, and the letter and the United States will deduct the apportionment of each part of the mutual protection through Alipay (automatic deduction). How to calculate the apportionment amount of each period of mutual insurance? The calculation formula is as follows:

The amount to be apportioned by the participants is equal to the security payment paid in the current period (number of people in danger * security payment) + corresponding management fee (security payment * 10%) / number of people in apportionment * number of shares.

Alipay mutual insurance is allocated 2 times a month (14 days and 28 days each month is the apportionment day), and each case does not exceed 1 cents per time.

Mutual insurance adopts the risk sharing mechanism, one person is ill and all people bear it. After joining the mutual insurance, if other members are diagnosed with illness, then all members will share the total amount of security fund and management fee. It should be noted that the management fee is 10% of the total amount of security fund.

For example:

If the mutual insurance members are 1 million and 50 cases of accidents are publicized in the current period, the total compensation amount is 15 million and the management fee is 15 million & times based on the maximum compensation amount of 300000; 10% = 1.5 million, then the total cost to be shared is 16.5 million, and each person needs to share 16.5 yuan, but the single amount of risk is 0.33 yuan, more than 10 cents, then each person only needs to share 5 yuan, and the excess part is borne by ant insurance.