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How to preserve hyacinth bulbs? Hyacinth seed ball moldy how to deal with

Hyacinth has always been the favorite of winter breeding. It is said that hyacinth can be raised for three years. In fact, it depends on whether the bulbs are well preserved. Do you know how to preserve hyacinth bulbs? What should we do if hyacinth bulbs are moldy?

Preservation of hyacinth bulbs

We all know that there are many varieties of hyacinth, but for the problem of how to preserve hyacinth seed balls, Xiao Bian wants to say that no matter what kind of hyacinth seed balls, the method is the same, as long as you ensure that the seed balls are placed in a dry, cool and ventilated place. For convenience, you can hang them with a net bag or wrap them with a newspaper.

Although the preservation method of hyacinth seed ball is very simple, there are still some details to pay attention to. One is that the hyacinth seed ball just bought is going to be planted later. If you want to save it first, you must pay attention to this situation. Because the newly bought hyacinth seed ball is imported, these hyacinth seed balls will basically carry some mold and even rot after shipping. If you want to save it at this time, you need to check it first Check the health of the bulb, and then choose a dry place to store, do not store in a place with high humidity and ventilation.

Another point that should be paid attention to in the preservation of hyacinth seed balls is the preservation of hyacinth seed balls with flowers. This kind of pilling hyacinth does not need to cut off its roots. After drying, it can be placed in a dry, cool and ventilated place. The only thing to pay attention to is that it must not be exposed to the sun.

Treatment of hyacinth seed ball mildew

In the previous hyacinth hydroponic method, the editor mentioned that hyacinth hydroponics is very easy to rot if it is not handled properly. If you also have mold in the process of breeding, it must be caused by mold. Hyacinth hydroponics has high humidity, and the bulb contains rich nutrients. If the environment is too warm, it will produce mold.

When hyacinth seed ball is moldy, what should we do? The conventional way is to remove the moldy part in time, then wash it with clean water and apply the sterilized powder. After treatment, dry it in a cool place to keep the section dry, so as to avoid recurrence. After drying, hydroponics can be done again. However, this method can not cure mildew, prevention is the best way.

So, how should we prevent hyacinth seed balls from getting moldy? In fact, we should pay attention to some small details. Let's briefly introduce them.

1. Keep the seed ball intact: during hydroponics, do not often turn over the seed ball to avoid damaging the root system, especially in the process of changing water, do not break the surface of the ball, leave wounds and increase the chance of infection.

2. Cleaning the root disk regularly: the root system at the bottom of hyacinth in hydroponics is easy to rot, and timely cleaning up the dead root is also one of the prevention measures.

3. Keep the sphere dry: keep a distance of 1-3cm between the bottom of the root disk of hyacinth hydroponics and the water surface as far as possible; do not wet the bulb when watering hyacinth hydroponics.

4. Use carbendazim for disinfection: carbendazim can inhibit the growth of mold, but the ball is wet after soaking, so it must be dried before re cultivation.

5. Moderate temperature: the growth environment of hyacinth seed ball should not be too warm. If it can be low temperature, it should not be high temperature. Hyacinth itself can adapt to cold environment, flowering period is generally 15 ~ 18 ℃, moderate temperature is also an important part of prevention.