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Does the market value of YG shrink nearly 1.2 billion? How is YG's market value shrinking by nearly

What's the matter with the decrease of YG's market value by nearly 1.2 billion? Is it true that YG's market value has decreased by nearly 1.2 billion? Many partners don't know yet. Let's take a look with Xiaobian.

How is YG's market value shrinking by nearly 1.2 billion

Relying on their own efforts, South Korea's "well-known" artists successfully reduced the market value of YG by nearly 1.2 billion. As the biggest scandal in South Korea's entertainment circle in recent years, the victory incident not only hurt its own brokerage company, but also caused extremely bad negative impact on South Korea's cultural output.

With the continuous fermentation of the "victory event", the domestic political, financial and entertainment circles in South Korea have been shaken, and the stock prices of all entertainment companies have suffered heavy losses. According to reliable sources, up to now, 40 suspects involved in the "victory incident" have been put on file for investigation by the police, and three of them have been confirmed to be arrested. A number of Korean artists involved in the incident have withdrawn from the programs they are participating in. Many Korean variety shows have been stopped shooting and broadcasting, and even the network replay server has been shut down. Shengli and others ushered in the 'highest light' moment in their life.

YG, FNC, SM, cube and JYP, the five most well-known entertainment companies in South Korea's entertainment circle, have more or less negative scandals that artists can't clean up. Affected by this, the market value of the five companies has shrunk by nearly 18%, from 3.35 trillion won to 2.76 trillion won. In recent years, South Korea's entertainment culture has become popular in Asia. Many artists have become the white moon in the hearts of fans, and many South Korean social security funds have also chosen to participate in entertainment companies. However, the fire in Chengmen has brought disaster to the fish. These social security funds are doomed in the storm, and the loss has reached 33.2 billion won.

Victory's own brokerage company YG, not to mention. On February 25, after Shengli was summoned by the police for serious illegal activities such as drug trafficking and prostitution, the company's share price plummeted by more than 23%, and its market value lost 200 billion won. YG set a record loss of 116.48 billion won in one day on the day it announced its withdrawal from the entertainment industry.

Artists make mistakes, but investors pay for them. According to South Korean media reports, the message board of South Korean securities is full of anger from investors. Many investors have issued slogans such as' claim for compensation for the losses caused to the company's image and shareholders' and 'investors should not pay for the singer's mistakes'.