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How does fortune tree leaf turn yellow to return a responsibility? How to cure the yellow leaves of

If the leaves turn yellow due to improper watering, ventilation, basin turning or water supplement should be carried out in time. In summer, the yellow leaves of fortune tree were caused by high temperature, and the plants were moved to a cool place in time. Many families will breed some fortune trees, which means to be rich. But sometimes the leaves of fortune trees will turn yellow easily. So what's the reason? Follow Xiaobian to understand.

Reason 1: improper watering

Too much watering or too little watering can make trees rich.

If the water is too much, the soil in the basin often remains too wet. The roots of fortune tree are not breathing well, and the rhizomes rot, and then gradually spread to the branches and stems. Finally, the leaves turn yellow, wither and fall off, and in serious cases, the whole plant dies. Too little watering will make the basin soil moist above and dry below, which will not only affect the absorption of nutrients, but also cause the leaves to be dark and dull, and gradually wither and fall off from bottom to top. Fortune tree expresses a silent protest against your laziness~

Solution: timely ventilation, turn basin or make up water.

When watering too much, put it by the window for good ventilation and loosen the soil. If the basin soil can not be dried in a short time and is muddy, a layer of absorbent cotton cloth can be padded on the bottom of the flowerpot, and it can be replaced when it is wet, or it can be blown by a fan. If the soil doesn't dry by all means, replace it.

If the water is too little, the soil surface will crack. In the case of not all yellowing, the water should be replenished step by step. Wet the soil surface first, pour a little for an hour, and gradually pour water. Avoid pouring water at one time to prevent the root from swelling and affecting the growth.

Reason 2: improper lighting

Fortune tree likes sunlight, but it is not resistant to direct sunlight. The leaves of fortune tree will wither and yellow due to strong sunlight or long-term shade.

If the tree is placed in the corner of the room, too much attention should be paid to the ornamental effect. As a result, the tree will be in the shade environment for a long time, and the new branches and leaves will be yellow and long, and the old leaves will be dull and fall off. In the scorching summer, you can only blow air conditioning in the house. How can fortune tree withstand the impact of the hot sun. If you forget to move it to a shady place at noon, you can only accept the tragedy of yellow leaves.

Solution: move to the half shade.

For a sudden exposure to the sun, leading to the yellow leaves of fortune tree, the chance of saving is not big. Due to excessive exposure to the sun, the leaves become yellow, and the water volatilization of the leaves is serious. It is difficult to recover in a short time. It is suggested to move to the semi shade. Appropriate watering, yellowing leaves will slowly fall off, to grow new buds can be.

Reason 3: too much fertilizer

Anxious you must be very afraid of the rich tree lack of fertilizer become malnourished, right? But excessive fertilization is not OK. The nutrient absorbed by fortune tree is quantitative. If too much fertilizer is applied, after the plant absorbs enough nutrients, the remaining fertilizer will burn the root and stem of fortune tree, resulting in the yellowing of leaves.

Solution: root pruning and soil replacement.

Excessive fertilization leads to root rot of fortune tree. The plant is removed from the basin, the rotten part is cleaned up, and the new soil is replaced for replanting. Or through watering, dilute soil nutrients, reduce fertility.

Reason 4: temperature discomfort

Some people hate summer and winter because the temperature is too high and the temperature is too low. In fact, the same is true for plants. The suitable temperature for the growth of fortune tree is 20 ℃ ~ 30 ℃. Too high or too low will affect its growth.

If the temperature in the growing environment of fortune tree is too high, the transpiration is too strong, and the water and nutrient supply of the root is insufficient, the leaves will gradually dry and yellow. But if the temperature is too low, for example, if the temperature is lower than 16 ℃ in winter, the leaves are easy to yellow and fall off, and die below 10 ℃.

Solution: increase temperature.

In summer, the yellow leaves of fortune tree are caused by too high temperature. Timely move the plant to a cool place and spray water to cool it down. If the yellowing is not serious, it will slowly resume growth. In winter, the maintenance temperature should be raised properly to avoid frostbite.

Reason 5: diseases and insect pests

When the leaf is damaged by fungi, the whole leaf will be yellow and the spot will be yellow.

There are not only germs coveting fortune tree, but also many pests such as red spider and scale insect, which can also cause the withering and yellowing of fortune's leaves. Please observe carefully.

Solution: spray.

Strengthen ventilation and spray chemicals in time. For different diseases and insect pests, choose the corresponding fungicide, spray once every 5-7 days, spray 3-4 times, basically good. (recommended: baijunling, huashenqing)

Reason 6: too dense branches and leaves

The growth ability of fortune tree is relatively strong, so the branches and leaves grow vigorously. If you don't have the habit of regular pruning, the branches and leaves hidden at the bottom will become yellow and droop due to lack of light and ventilation.

Solution: trim in time.

Many of the fortune trees in the family of flower friends have grown into straw hats and are not pruned. As a foliage plant, fortune tree is very important for its luxuriant branches and leaves. But too many leaves, hinder the growth of the plant is your wrong.

Fortune tree grows fast. For potted plants with luxuriant branches and leaves, you can prune some of them. You don't have to be reluctant to give up. New buds will soon grow and the plants will grow more luxuriant.

Reason 7: the soil is alkaline

Soil is an essential factor for the growth of fortune tree. In most parts of northern China, the soil contains more salt and alkali, but fortune tree likes to be acidic. It's a big thing to be acclimatized. The soil lacks the iron element needed by fortune tree. The result of malnutrition is that the leaves wither and yellow.

Solution: acidify the soil.

Fortune tree is suitable for growing in acidic soil. Changing the acidity and alkalinity of soil in time can remedy the Yellow fortune tree. There is no need to take off the pot, no need to change the soil, just need to apply a certain amount of ferrous sulfate in the soil, directly sprinkle it in the flowerpot, which can not only increase the soil fertility, but also acidify the soil, killing two birds with one stone.

Do not use vinegar during soil acidification. Vinegar can really make the soil acid quickly, but because of the radical change, it will damage the organic matter in the soil and reduce the fertility of the soil.

How to prevent yellow leaves

Watering control

First of all, in order to make the tree yellow, we have to do it well. To water fortune tree, we should follow the principle of "no dry, no dry, no dry, no dry, no dry, no dry".

Reasonable illumination

To maintain fortune tree, you should do your best every day. From late April, choose a sunny and warm noon, move it to the outdoor or balcony, and receive sunlight. First, 1-2 hours, and then gradually extend the time. You will receive unexpected results.

Of course, the best time to put the summer in the morning or evening, when the sun is relatively mild, will not cause damage to fortune tree.

Appropriate fertilization

To fertilize fortune tree, we should follow the principle of "thin fertilizer and frequent application", apply fertilizer according to the growth of the plant, apply liquid fertilizer or mixed flower fertilizer every 1 to 2 weeks during the growth period, and add rotten base fertilizer in time when changing pots.

Controlling soil pH

In fact, most of the soil is bought directly from the home market. But why do yellow leaves still appear. This is related to our watering and soil replacement. When watering, try to choose acidic water (rain water, river water and tap water after placing); in addition, we can water ferrous sulfate solution at ordinary times to ensure that the pH of the soil is within the appropriate range.

Clean the branches and leaves regularly

If the light transmission is too high, the plants should be pruned in time. The second is to clean up the dust on the leaves. Too much dust on the leaves not only affects the appearance, but also reduces photosynthesis, leading to yellowing of leaves.

Timely control of diseases and pests

Because of ventilation, light and humidity, it is difficult to avoid diseases and insect pests in indoor breeding of fortune tree. The key point is to take preventive measures. In addition to rainy days and winter, to ensure that the maintenance of ambient air flow; in the high temperature season, each spray a bactericide, do a good job in prevention.

Keep the right temperature

Fortune tree is more sensitive to temperature, hot yellow, cold yellow, so the appropriate temperature is very important. The suitable growth temperature of fortune tree is 22 ~ 35 ℃, and the growth slows down when the temperature is higher than 35 ℃. The lowest temperature in winter is 16-18 ℃ (basically the same as the indoor temperature). Below this temperature, the leaves turn yellow and fall off, and the plants below 10 ℃ are easy to die.