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Is the kitchen next to the bathroom? Geomantic knowledge of household toilet

Kitchen and toilet are important parts of the family, and in today's land and money, some modern home due to the limited construction area, will the kitchen and bathroom layout together, so the kitchen and toilet together? In Fengshui what special attention? Attention to home Fengshui designers, usually will not be in the house layout when the toilet layout in the kitchen side.

Is the kitchen next to the bathroom OK? Why isn't the bathroom next to the kitchen OK

In Chinese geomancy, kitchens are regarded as the energy area of fire and bathrooms as the energy area of water. In ancient times, Chinese people didn't want to have both water and fire. On the one hand, it would cause the magnetic field to burst, and on the other hand, it would affect the energy state of the whole house. For example, toilets and kitchens, two rooms with completely different energy properties, one is the water area where the human body's foul air is gathered, and the other is the fire area where food is made. Once they are close to each other, the residents' intestines and stomach will have problems, and the other will have fatal diseases in esophagus and stomach.

Moreover, the kitchen is close to the toilet. From the perspective of modern life, sanitation may also have problems. The bathroom is a relatively humid place in the home. If it is not kept dry and clean, and it is also next to the kitchen, bacteria may breed, which will have a negative impact on the daily food hygiene of residents. Therefore, for a house like this, where the kitchen is next to the toilet and the water and fire are nearby, it is recommended to choose it carefully.

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Bathrooms should not be changed into bedrooms

Because of the narrow and densely populated modern city, some families often change one of the bathrooms into a bedroom in order to save space, so as to squeeze more people, but this is against the principle of Feng Shui. According to Feng Shui, the bathroom is a dirty place. It should be opened in the evil side to suppress the evil star. It is not suitable for the bedroom to be close to the bathroom, not to mention changing the bathroom into a bedroom. From the perspective of environmental hygiene, this layout is not suitable, especially for multi-storey buildings, because although the bathroom is converted into a bedroom, it is not the case upstairs and downstairs. This means that the bedroom is sandwiched between the bathrooms on the upper and lower floors, which is quite embarrassing. If there is sewage leakage in the bathroom on the upper floor, the people sleeping under it will bear the brunt, which is not in line with the way of hygiene.

The direction of closestool cannot be consistent with that of condominium

According to the principle of traditional Chinese geomantic omen, the direction of the toilet should not be the same as that of the condominium. For example, the door of the condominium faces south. When people sit on the toilet, if they also face south, it is a taboo that the toilet and the condominium are in the same direction, and it is easy to lead to long sores in the family life. Although the verification rate is not high, it is better to avoid it.