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Why is April Fool's day a prank? The origin and story of April Fool's Day

April 1 is April Fool's day every year. On April Fool's day, you can make jokes, pranks and so on. But after 12 o'clock, you can't do it any more. How do you come about April Fool's Day pranks and pranks? Here's the origin of April Fool's day.

1. The 'fun day' in ancient Rome (March 25) and the 'fool's Day' in medieval Europe (December 28) are regarded as the predecessor of April Fool's day.

2. According to legend, the first person to associate April 1 with fooling others is the famous British poet Chaucer. In his 1392 work Canterbury Tales, a conceited rooster is fooled by a fox on this day. Although some scholars hold different opinions, ordinary readers usually accept this view. In the 16th and 17th centuries, some European poets and writers also mentioned it in their works

They make pranks and fool people every day.

3. In 1564, Charles IX, the king of France, decided to adopt a new reformed calendar: Gregorian calendar. New Year's Day was the beginning of the new year, which changed the previous one of April 1 as the beginning of the new year. However, some conservatives opposed the reform and still gave New Year gifts to celebrate the new year according to the old calendar. Reformers ridicule the old school's practices and give them fake gifts

And invite them to a fake party. From then on, playing tricks on people on this day spread. When a person is deceived, the person who plays a trick on him will shout: "April Fool" ('poisson \ 'Avril'), which means' April prank '. Smart and funny people give them fake gifts and invite them to a fake reception on April 1. They call the cheated conservatives' April Fool 'or' the bait fish '. From then on, people fooled each other on April 1, becoming a popular custom in France. In the early 18th century, the custom of April Fool's day spread to England, and then it was brought to the United States by the early British immigrants.

4. According to the research of British historians, the origin of "April Fool's Day" is derived from the Indian Buddhist saying "reach the other side". In the Encyclopedia of the British, it is recorded that 'April Fool's Day' is a festival that began to appear after the religious revolution in the 15th century. At that time, King Philip II of Spain once established a "heretic Inquisition". As long as he was not a Catholic, he was regarded as a heretic and was sentenced to death on April 1 every year. The subjects felt terrible, so they made fun of lying every day to dilute their fear and hatred of the ruler. Since then, it has been used for a long time and evolved into today's "April Fool's Day".

5. According to Christianity, April Fool's Day is to commemorate the day of Jesus' crucifixion. Jesus was crucified before he was forced to run around. Later generations use April 1 to commemorate his innocent crucifixion. In fact, it has the meaning of vigilance.

The legend of April Fool's Day

It is said that April Fool's Day originated from a famous Greek myth.

Demeter, the goddess of agriculture, is a God known to women and children in Greece. She has boundless magic power, can make the land fertile, grain harvest, can also make the countryside desolate, everything withered. Among the Greek gods, she is also one of the most respected. Zeus, the king of gods, was her brother and her husband. This identity alone is enough to make the gods obedient at her feet. However, the life of this powerful goddess is not perfect. Zeus by virtue of the status of God King, everywhere flirting, make a lot of love affairs, to Demeter brought endless trouble. The only thing that can make her enjoy life is her daughter Persephone, who was born with Zeus. She is intelligent, beautiful, naive and lively. No one will be sad and sad with her.

On this day, Hades was driving around Sicily, and was seen by Aphrodite, the God of love and beauty, who was walking through the clouds. At the same time, she was also shown Persephone, who was walking in the fields, and her partner Athena, the goddess of war, Artemis, the goddess of hunting. At the sight of these men, Aphrodite was angry. These men and women never talk about love or marriage. Do they still have the status of goddess of love in their eyes? Athena and Artemis are well-known virgins, and they are both famous for their martial arts and great powers. It's better not to offend them. But don't be polite to the little girl Persephone. So, Aphrodite, who was shaking his head with a sacred halo, called his son Eros, the little god of love, and said to him: look, how do these people treat love? If people and gods are like them, how can we rule the world? Let's shoot an arrow at Hades and let him fall in love with Persephone madly!

Eros is a marksman with a hundred shots. He bent his bow and shot hard. An invisible arrow of lust was penetrating into Hades' heart. Then he followed Aphrodite and left, waiting for the good play. Sure enough, Hades had an unforgettable love for Persephone after he was shot. But he knew very well that this famous beauty would never give up the sunny earth and sky and follow him to the dark underworld. Therefore, he found his brother Zeus, king of the gods, and asked him to marry his daughter to Hades. Well & hellip; & hellip; I can't be the master, said the master of the gods thoughtfully, you know Demeter is very difficult. But if you have the ability to take Persephone, I have no objection. With the tacit consent and hint of the God King, Hades was full of joy. He immediately returned to the underworld and was ready to rob his bride.

One day, Persephone was about to bend down to pick a wild flower in the field when the earth suddenly opened a wide crack. Then, a glittering gold car, rushed to the ground, driving is the majestic Hades. He couldn't help but pick up Persephone, put it on the seat beside him, and with a cry, the carriage sank into the ground at an unreachable speed. The split earth suddenly closed. It was still sunny and green. Apart from the sky echoing Persephone's cry for help, it seemed that nothing had happened. Demeter heard her daughter's cry for help in a distant place. But when she came back as fast as she could, her daughter was gone. She only knew that her daughter had been robbed by a robber, but she could not find out who the robber was. All the gods who knew Persephone's whereabouts were silent. Neither Zeus nor Zeus wanted to know the background. A few gods were pressed to ask questions, and they also talked nonsense. Goddess in accordance with their instructions, headless fly like rambling, needless to say, these have become a futile trek.

However, his love for his daughter prompted Demeter to search for her forever. No matter what God said, she was sure. Although the facts later proved that those are outright lies. In desperation, she lit two pine torches in the unfathomable crater of Etna volcano, illuminating the whole world. Since then, neither the goddess of dawn nor the goddess of night has seen her sit down and rest for a moment. So Demeter went all over the world. However, her daughter is like being swept away by the wind, being exposed to the sun, or being turned into water vapor and floating clouds, and there is still no trace of her. The gods gradually turned from sympathy to disgust. Because this madwoman, in order to find her daughter, stirred the world without a moment of peace. The more they took her, the more they wanted to take her. They pointed to the southeast and northwest. They just wanted to take her away and live a peaceful life for a few days.

Finally, Demeter had to drag tired body, returned to Sicily, Persephone missing place. After running for many days, I don't even know who the culprit is. I can imagine the anger of the goddess. So she threw all her resentment on the Sicilian peasants. She killed all the cattle on the island, ordered the land to be as strong as steel, sealed the seeds in the land, and let all the plants wither. The vast territory of the island made thousands of miles, starvation everywhere. Zeus saw that she was making such a mess, so he kindly advised her to look elsewhere, not to take the anger out on the innocent peasants. Demeter did not know that there was a trick, and once again set foot on the journey of shopping. It's amazing. I don't know how many places, because of the anger of the goddess, have become barren. There is a desperate atmosphere of famine and famine everywhere.

When she realized that she had been married to her husband again, she calmed down and thought about what to do. Inadvertently, she looked up and saw Helios, who was driving a golden car and patrolling in the vast space. It suddenly occurred to me that he was the only one who was above everything. He was very observant. Anything that happened in the world could not escape his eyes. Then he flew to Helios with a torch in his hand and asked him to guide him.

The great sun god, the goddess of mercy, did not need to fear the power of Hades. Moreover, he didn't want Demeter to make such a fuss any more, to make the gods laugh and the people suffer, so he carefully described the situation of Hades's snatching. Demeter suddenly realized, but it was too late. At this moment, Persephone, under the coercion and inducement of Hades, has become a noble Queen of Hades, and can no longer go to the ground to reunite with his mother. What's more, Demeter had no ability to take her daughter from Hades.

Demeter knew that he had been deceived and fooled by the gods, and his anger deepened. She simply gave an order, let the world's plants wither together, all the crops die, the earth is not allowed to appear a trace of green. He hid in a remote place and did not show up again. As a result, the sky and the earth are all in a mess. People have no food to eat, and thousands of people starve to death every day. Hordes of the dead swarmed into the underworld, noisy, made Hades upset, embarrassed. The gods, too, were hungry and emaciated because they could not get sacrifices and gifts from the world. Zeus had no choice but to let Persephone live in Hades one third of the time every year and return to serve her mother two thirds of the time. Later, whenever Persephone stayed in the underworld, Demeter frowned, and the earth was in depression. Once her daughter reunited with her, the goddess would be happy, and the world would return to the vitality of the revival of plants and flowers.

Obviously, Demeter is a complete fool in this story. She didn't know the trick of God of love and the conspiracy of her husband and Hades. After the incident, she was supported by the gods and was cheated and teased repeatedly. Since then, people have set up a April Fool's day, with white lies, to warn those who think they are smart, not because of credulity, do a laughing fool.