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Who sang the tiktok song "green"? Why is Chen Xuening called soda girl

Tiktok and a song, the song begins: "if it hadn't been for you suddenly, I would have left the loneliness of loneliness." 'This song is called "green" and has been welcomed by many netizens. So who is the singer of the song "green"? Here is a personal introduction of the singer of the song. You can have a look at it for those who are interested.

Who is the singer of the song "green"

Chen Xuening, after 00. She likes to compose music. She has composed many songs so far. In 2017, she went to Chengdu alone to start a journey of music creation. The song "green" has been heard in the tiktok, and has attracted the attention of many netizens. This song has also been covered by many people. The beginning of the song "green" has its own flavor.

Chen Xuening is 18 years old after her birthday, and she has created an album herself. And the song that made her famous is called white mountain tea. The song was taken off the shelves because some of the lyrics were suspected of plagiarism. At the beginning, because she liked a paragraph of words, she used it as the lyrics and played a paragraph by herself. It's nothing to amuse herself, but later the song became popular, and naturally it was to be downloaded, so the plagiarism of her lyrics was also dug out. She herself apologized at the time. She said she didn't understand that at the time.

Why is Chen Xuening called soda girl

Later, Chen Xuening also began to learn to write Ci, and even talked about her own experience, such as "don't be silly again, cut short hair again" in "pretend". This sentence is her real experience and a pain point she has experienced. Many people think that Chen Xuening is like a soda in summer, saying that she is a "soda girl".

Her singing can bring people unprecedented magic. The reason why the beginning of "green" is attractive is that Chen Xuening's singing can convey a sense of "antiquity", or "retro". It's easy to resonate.

When Chen Xuening was 16 years old, she started 26 city tours and cooperated with many musicians. Now she is also growing.