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The list of the 100 most beautiful faces in the Asia Pacific region has just come out, and Yang Chao

What do you think of the 100 most beautiful faces in the Asia Pacific Region announced, with four rocket girls shortlisted? And Tang Yan, Yang Mi, Yang Ying, Cheng Xiao, Ouyang Nana, delireba, Ju Jingyi, etc. who do you think will be the number one?

The speed of the emergence of new people in the entertainment industry is faster and faster, and once the new people get hot, it's still very strong. For example, some small fresh meats from last year's talent show, such as Cai Xukun and Chen Linong, even once surpassed Lu Han and Wu Yifan.

In addition, the talent show "creation 101" was also very popular at that time, and the topic of several members in the show was also very strong, especially the people led by Yang Chaoyue. Now the resources are quite good.

Even at the end of 2018, the list of the world's most beautiful faces in 2018 was announced. After the announcement, it quickly attracted the attention of many netizens. There were only five Chinese shortlisted, and they were generally more convincing. Decibel time, Lin Yun, Zhu Zhu Zhu, Ju Jingyi, delireba and Zhou Ziyu, among whom Zhou Ziyu was the first in Asia.

There are many foreigners' faces in the world's most beautiful list, and the aesthetics in Asia is not very well accepted. Therefore, the official has produced a list of 100 most beautiful faces in the Asia Pacific region. The selection of this list is only for the Asian region, so at least everyone will be more unified in aesthetics. At present, only a part of the list has been released.

In the list that has been published, there are four rocket girls on the list, and the first one is Meng Meiqi. She is a well deserved C member of rocket girls, and her strength is also very strong. The face after makeup is really good-looking, but it needs to be considered after removing makeup!

The second one is also a member of the rocket girls. Wu Xuanyi has a strong sense of existence among the rocket girls. Many people say that Wu Xuanyi is the face of the rocket girls. She is very capable of playing both in appearance and figure, but I don't think her face recognition is very high.

Fu Jing is the leader of the rocket girls. Her appearance is very mature, and her overall style is also a kind of Royal sister style. She is also very aggressive when dancing. Many girls like her type of girls, but boys are not necessarily. I feel that boys prefer Yang Chao.

Another is Xu Mengjie. Xu Mengjie's looks are very sunny and lovely. Many people say that Xu Mengjie's smile has a healing effect.

In addition to the four rocket girls, there are Tang Yan, Yang Mi, Yang Ying, Cheng Xiao, Ouyang, Nana, dilireba, Ju Jingyi and so on. But at present, they are only nominations, not the final list, but the final results should not be much different.

Four of the rocket girls were shortlisted at one time, which was relatively strong. As one of the most topical rocket girls, Yang Chaoyue was not shortlisted this time. How did you always feel that there was something wrong with the way of opening? What do you think about the nomination? The 100 most beautiful faces in the Asia Pacific region were announced, and four rocket girls were shortlisted. What do you think?