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Tips for nourishing the liver in spring

According to the principle of "focusing on four seasons" in traditional Chinese medicine, nourishing the liver should be the priority in spring. What kind of food is better for nourishing liver in spring? Let's have a look.

Five tips for nourishing liver in spring

1. We should eat more bean sprouts in spring

Bean sprouts are in a continuous growth process, in which vitamins, minerals, amino acids and other nutrients are the most fresh. In the spring of the recovery of all things, people's body is also growing, especially in need of this high-quality nutrition. In addition, lettuce, spinach and other fresh green leafy vegetables growing in spring, as well as strawberry, cherry and other seasonal fruits are also the most healthy.

2. Suitable for stretching

Throughout the cold winter, people's body seems to be curled up, so the most suitable thing to do in spring is stretching to wake up the body. It's best for young people to do yoga, while old people can practice qigong.

3. Protecting the liver and gallbladder is the most important

Spring can make the liver and gallbladder in some of the hair lesions more serious. To protect the liver and gallbladder, it is necessary to avoid any chemical substances in the environment, eat less animal oil and fried food, eat less in restaurants, stay away from inferior cooking oil, and eat 1-2 nuts a day. Eat good oils, such as olive oil and nut and seed pressed oils, which act as lubricants to make your body parts more flexible, healthy and less likely to rust. Liver Qi is comfortable, and human ligaments, tendons and joints will not be stiff.

4. Carry out 'physical cleaning'

Spring is the cleaning season, and the body also needs cleaning. Drink more juice can clear intestines, two weeks without any sugar and * intake, smoking is a good choice. In addition, the best spring prohibition, do not eat too much, seven full on it, this will make your body more energetic.

Vitamin B should be supplemented most

Spring people's brain is easy to be excited, and B vitamins have a calming effect on the nervous system, help to enhance cell energy, but also prevent mosquito bites breeding in spring. In addition, calcium and magnesium supplements also help calm the nervous system and muscles, relieve anxiety or insomnia.

2、 The best method of nourishing liver in six spring

1. Don't drink

Drinking can increase the chance of fatty liver disease and alcoholic liver disease. People with liver disease should completely abstain from drinking. Drinking is always bad, every festival needs to have alcohol, and those who have alcohol have to get drunk. After a long time, the liver will be injured by a lot of alcohol, from alcoholic liver to liver cancer.

2. Pay attention to food hygiene

Do not drink raw water or eat raw seafood, because clams, oysters and shellfish are vulnerable to hepatitis A virus infection. If you want to travel to high infection areas of hepatitis A, such as Southeast Asia, central and South America, Africa and other places, it is best to inject hepatitis A vaccine before departure.

3. Multi Sport

Exercise more. Nowadays, most people prefer to sleep in. They face the computer together and eat beside it. Basically, they seldom exercise. Regular exercise has a great influence on nourishing and protecting the liver.

4. Maintain normal weight

Overweight can make the liver work harder and increase the risk of fatty liver. If the body fat is reduced, the liver fat will also be reduced, and even significantly reduce the liver function index of patients with liver disease. If it is not hepatitis B or hepatitis C with the original, the average person's liver index slightly increased, mostly caused by fatty liver. The ideal way to lose weight is to eat a balanced diet and exercise regularly.

5. Don't take medicine indiscriminately

All drugs taken must be detoxified by the liver. In addition to prescription drugs, avoid taking other drugs, because taking a variety of drugs is easy to produce drug interaction, affect the liver metabolism ability of drugs. A person with liver disease should inform the doctor of all the drugs he is currently taking when seeking medical treatment, so as to serve as a reference for the doctor when prescribing.

6. Keep away from all kinds of instruments that may be contaminated by blood

Avoid unnecessary blood transfusion, injection, ear piercing, tattoo, sharing toothbrush and razor with others, and reduce contact with equipment that may be contaminated by blood. Because hepatitis B and C are mainly transmitted through blood and body fluids, eating at the same table with hepatitis B and C carriers will not be infected.

3、 What does spring eat to raise liver

1. Garlic

Garlic is a very healthy and beneficial food for human body, it has a strong bactericidal effect, can promote metabolism, increase appetite, can help prevent arteriosclerosis and hypertension, and even has the role of brain tonifying. Eating garlic in spring can prevent respiratory tract and intestinal infectious diseases, as well as the function of nourishing liver and protecting liver.

2. Bean sprouts

Spring should be appropriate to eat some seasonal sprouts, and bean sprouts have heat clearing effect, can resist the phenomenon of spring fire. Bean sprouts can also help the five zang organs from winter to spring, which is conducive to liver Qi dredging and spleen and stomach strengthening.

3. Wild vegetables

The effect of eating wild vegetables in spring is also very big. Wild vegetables generally grow in the suburbs, with less pollution, simple eating method, rich nutrition and significant health care function. Common wild vegetables are shepherd's purse, purslane, Bo Gongying, plantain, Yuqian, bamboo shoots, etc.

4. Chinese wolfberry

Lycium barbarum has the function of nourishing liver and benefiting essence. It contains essential sugar, protein, vitamins, phosphorus, iron and other nutrients. It can help protect liver cells and improve liver function. It has a certain effect on the treatment of chronic hepatitis. Chinese wolfberry, jujube and japonica rice are used to cook porridge, which can nourish liver and regulate intestines and stomach.

5. Jujube

Jujube is a kind of nutritious food, and it also has very good beauty effect. It has the effect of Tonifying the liver, tonifying the spleen, soothing the liver and invigorating the vital energy. Jujube contains some special compounds, which can inhibit the activity of hepatitis virus, protect liver and enhance human immunity.

4、 Tips for women to nourish the liver

1. Nourishing the liver and protecting the skin: nourishing the liver can prevent endocrine disorders, which is very beneficial to the maintenance of women's skin.

2. Nourishing liver and helping digestion: liver is the largest digestive gland in human body, so protecting liver health is helpful to digestion. Once the liver is damaged, it will cause gastrointestinal symptoms, such as nausea, vomiting, anorexia and so on.

3. Nourishing liver and good temper: liver specific catharsis function, if the liver function is not good, it will affect the mood and make people become irritable and depressed.

Tips for women to nourish the liver

1. Exercise strengthens the body and nourishes the liver

At ordinary times, you can do more exercises, such as walking and Tai Chi. These exercises consume little physical strength, can ensure the smooth flow of Qi and blood, strengthen the body, and also achieve the purpose of nourishing the liver.

2. Avoid eye fatigue

The expert reminds, liver opens orifices in the eye. Eye fatigue easily hurt the liver, so we should avoid eye fatigue. Don't watch TV for a long time, and don't work in front of the computer for a long time.

3. We have a good diet

In spring, human liver Qi is relatively strong, so we should pay more attention to diet. Spring to eat less acidic food, you can eat more VC rich food, such as tomatoes, oranges and so on. In addition, it is also important to supplement protein for nourishing liver and enhancing immunity.

4. Rules of work and rest

Regular work and rest, to ensure their own health, nature is also good for liver health. We should pay more attention to rest at ordinary times, which can reduce physical consumption, reduce the liver's catabolism of protein and fat, thus reducing the burden on the liver.

5. Ensure good mood

People's emotions will have a certain impact on liver health, so we should pay attention to the regulation of emotions in order to prevent liver qi stagnation. In daily life, to maintain a relaxed mood, avoid emotional fluctuations, once the mood is not good, to know how to adjust in time.

Spring is a good time for women to nourish the liver. I hope you can seize the opportunity to do a good job of nourishing the liver and protect your health.