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What's the meaning of "cue"? What do you mean, cue

The word 'cue' is very popular on the Internet recently. Some netizens are not very clear about the meaning of the word. When it comes to many stars, many people like to use the word, so what does it mean?

What does the Internet term cue mean

What does the Internet term cue mean: cue is actually an English word, which mainly means clues and hints to & hellip; & hellip. As a network language, it often appears in less formal entertainment programs, such as variety show. The usage of this word is evolved from the meaning of English words. It usually means to ask the other party to answer the phone and perform the handover.

What do you mean, cue

What do you mean by "cue". Now I'm calling for you to discuss some things. Not only the language, but also the body movements and a look can be regarded as a cue. Of course, it also refers to @ meaning, such as who you want to tease in the microblog, but the other party comments on who and who cue me at the bottom of the message.

How to read "cue"

How to read cue: the pronunciation of cue is similar to that of the letter Q, which is pronounced in four tones.

Cue: British [kju:] American [kju]

n. Cue; cue; cue; cue; cue;

Vt. insert & hellip; into the performance; give & hellip; hints;

The actors not performing side at the side of the stage in full view, waiting for their cues.

[Others] third person singular: cues plural: cues present participle: cueing past tense: cued past participle: cued