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Why is Chinese toon so expensive? What are the healthy ways to eat Chinese toon

In spring, we all begin to eat spring dishes, one of which is Toona sinensis. This kind of dish tastes very strange and delicious, and is very popular. So why is Chinese toon so expensive? What are the healthy ways to eat Chinese toon? Let's learn about it.

Why is Chinese toon so expensive

The price of a catty of Toona sprouts is about 50 yuan.

The yield per mu of Toona sinensis is different from that of open-air planting according to different areas. Generally, three crops are planted in the greenhouse. The price of the first crop is more than 40 yuan per kilogram, the second crop is a few yuan per kilogram, and the third crop is about one yuan per kilogram. Generally speaking, the factors that affect the price are season and region. The price will be lower in the region where Toona sinensis seedlings grow, higher in the region where Toona sinensis seedlings don't grow, lower in season and more expensive in non season. Therefore, we need to see the price according to the actual situation.

Reasons for high price of Toona sinensis sprouts

Less quantity and freight are the main factors of high selling price

At present, the Chinese toon sprouts on the market are not produced locally, but from the vegetable greenhouses in the south. Due to the low output and high transportation cost, the price of Chinese toon sprouts in the northern market is high, and most of them are mainly sold to hotels.

The Chinese toon buds on the market mainly come from Yunnan and Guangxi. Because of the high temperature in the south, the Chinese toon buds will be picked in advance. Moreover, the yield of Chinese toon sprout itself is not high, and it is not planted in large area like other vegetables, so the phenomenon of high price appears in Chinese toon sprout in early spring.

Air transportation has also raised the price of Chinese toon sprouts to a large extent. In order to ensure freshness, preservation measures should be taken on the way. Chinese toon buds will wilt four or five days after they are picked from trees. Generally, when they are picked from the producing area, they have to be packed and transported immediately.

Why Chinese toon is bitter

Toona sinensis itself is bitter. Chinese medicine believes that Toona sinensis is bitter, astringent and smooth, with the functions of clearing away heat and toxin, invigorating stomach and regulating qi, moistening skin and improving eyesight, killing insects, astringent blood, stopping dysentery and stopping collapse; because Toona sinensis can dry dampness and clear away heat, astringent and firm astringency, it can be used for chronic diarrhea and dysentery, hemorrhoids and hematochezia, metrorrhagia and other diseases; secondly, Toona sinensis has the functions of anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and insect, and can be used to treat ringworm, scabies and other diseases; It can cure sore, alopecia, red eyes, lung heat and cough.

Healthy practice of Toona sinensis

1. Spring bud: Toona must choose the one above the big tree, not the one with one-year rapid growth.

2. Sprouts: after boiling the water in the pot, put in the washed spring sprouts and cook for 1-2 minutes.

Put cold water to soak the sprouts.

4. Vegetables: clean the wild celery collected.

5. Vegetables: put celery into boiling water for 1-2 minutes, then put it in cold water to cool down.

6. Sprout celery: put the cold celery into the spring sprout soaked in front

7. Soak the spring sprouts and wild celery for about 3 days, and let them ferment naturally. When there is a little sour taste, you can mix some salt and spice to eat. The fragrance of spring and wild celery are mixed with each other, and with a certain sour taste, it's really the best taste in the world.