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Do you need tickets to see cherry blossoms at Wuhan University? Notice for booking Cherry Blossom On

Every year when the cherry blossoms are in full bloom, everyone will rush into Wuhan University to see the cherry blossoms. The cherry blossoms of Wuhan University are famous all over the country. Because of the deep historical and cultural atmosphere, many people are attracted to go there. Do you need tickets to see the cherry blossoms at Wuhan University?

Do you want tickets for cherry blossom of Wuhan University in 2019


The Cherry Blossom Festival of Wuhan University in 2019 is a free appointment. You only need to make an appointment through the official website reservation system three days in advance. During the opening period of cherry blossoms, the public must make an appointment to enter the school. Through the online appointment channel, they can make an appointment for free, which is the only way for the public to enter the school to enjoy cherry blossoms.

Visitors can pass through the main gate, east gate, west gate, chagang gate, Wenlan gate and affiliated middle school gate. It is recommended to choose the main entrance and the west entrance (it is better not to enter from Wenlan gate, after all, it is far away from the main Cherry Blossom area).

Notice for booking cherry blossom in Wuhan University in 2019:

1. Wuhan University will implement closed management from March 21. The public must make an appointment to enter the campus;

From Monday to Friday, 15000 people (9000 a.m. / 6000 p.m.) can make an appointment every day,

On Saturdays and Sundays, 30000 people (20000 a.m. / 10000 p.m.) are allowed to make an appointment every day.

2. The online reservation channel will be opened at 20:00 p.m. on March 18, 2019. You can make an appointment in real name for the day after 3 days (i.e. March 21);

A maximum of 3 ID card numbers can be entered for each person, and 3 people are appointed.

3. After filling in the information and receiving the page reminder "congratulations on your successful appointment!" it means that you have successfully made an appointment. The original of the second generation ID card (Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan resident pass or passport) is the only certificate to visit the school after successful appointment. Please take it with you!

4. If the appointment is successful, please enter the school according to the appointment date and time.

Monday to Friday: 8:30-14:00 a.m., 12:00-17:30 p.m

Saturday and Sunday: 8:00-14:00 a.m., 12:00-18:00 p.m

5. If the campus cannot be opened due to rainstorm and other force majeure reasons, the appointment will be cancelled automatically on the same day;

Best place to enjoy cherry blossoms at Wuda

YingYuan, Yinghua Avenue, yingding

In addition to cherry garden, there are cherry trees in the fourth teaching building, Kunpeng square, humanities Museum, administration building, School Hospital, main teaching building of Engineering Department, Xinghu of information science department and medical department. The best place to enjoy cherry trees is cherry garden, which is named after cherry trees. Cherry garden is dominated by cherry blossoms in small days. There are 6 kinds of cherry blossoms, including early cherry, late cherry and drooping cherry. More than 10 kinds of cherry blossoms are collected. The flowers are rich and colorful, with different branches and stems and different flowering periods. When the plum blossom withers after the cold winter, the early cherry blossom opens, and then the small cherry blossom, the drooping cherry blossom and the late Cherry Blossom open. In full bloom, the cherry orchard looks like a sea of flowers. Thousands of tourists come here to enjoy the cherry blossom in March, only Wuda.