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How to deal with the transfer of parents' house ownership to their children's inheritance? Three spe

In recent years, the house price has risen sharply, and it has risen to a relatively high price. When we visit the real estate departments all over the country, we can see that there are old people going through the procedures of transferring the ownership of the house to their children. How can parents handle the procedures of transferring the ownership of the house to their children? Three specific steps to understand.

In fact, parents change the name of the property owner of the house to their own children. The general ways are: 1. Buying and selling; 2. Donating; 3. Inheriting. Among them, inheritance can only happen after the death of the property owner. Therefore, we usually have to choose the first and second ways.

The use of sales, usually in accordance with the formal transaction process, to the parents as the buyer, children as the seller, according to the state approved real estate appraisal price as the basis to pay taxes. Before the transaction, if the house has a loan, it needs to go through the normal procedures of repayment and mortgage cancellation before the transaction. If the house is less than two years, it needs to pay value-added tax and personal income tax, and it also needs to pay a certain proportion of deed tax when buying a house.

In addition to paying off the loan in advance, you can apply to the bank to change the borrower's main body. After the bank evaluates the qualification of the changed borrower and agrees to the change, you can go to the real estate bureau to handle the donation procedures. In addition, the donation needs to be notarized at the notary office. In the process of donation, parents and children also need to sign a donation agreement on the house. They must bring the original house property certificate and the original ID cards of both parties and go through the notarization before going through the property transfer procedures.

In order to handle the transfer of property rights by inheritance, it is necessary to deal with the cancellation procedures of household registration and to issue death certificates. The notarization procedure is required to go to the notary office to handle the inheritance right before proceeding to the inheritance procedure. When going through the formalities in the housing management department, you need to provide death certificate, property right certificate, household register, proof of the relationship between the successor and the decedent, original ID card and other materials such as will.

Among the three ways, inheritance is the fastest and the most special. It is based on the death of the property owner. The transfer only needs to pay notarization fees. In addition, if there is no formal will and there is more than one legal heir, it is more troublesome. Complete transfer requires all legal heirs to promise to give up the property. There are many taxes and fees paid by the way of sales, and the transaction process is relatively long, but it is relatively easy to worry. The transactions between parents and children can apply for the transfer of direct family members, and there is no need to deal with online signing and capital supervision. The declared price can go according to the evaluation price of the real estate bureau, and the taxes and fees paid in this way are often higher than the taxes and fees generated in the normal transaction of second-hand houses in the same area in the market Much lower. The cost of donation is moderate, but when the donee sells the house for the second time, because the source of the house is donation, it needs to pay a relatively high amount of comprehensive tax.