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Which brand of electric nose washer is good? Recommendation of electric nose washer with high cost p

Nasal hygiene needs to be cleaned frequently. Now there are many impurities in the air. Inhaling the nasal cavity will cause some damage to our nasal cavity. Therefore, it is a common thing for many people to clean the nasal cavity with a nasal washer. What brand of electric nose washer is good on the market? Today, I've sorted out several cost-effective electric nose washers for you. Let's have a look!

Waterpik electric nose washer

It can also be washed out from the nostril by pressing the nasal spray, and it can be washed out from the other side of the nostril.

Leyi electric nose washer

It is similar to an electric toothbrush in use. Press the only button to start working. There are three gears that can be adjusted. A spray nozzle, a pulse nozzle, a charging line and so on. After charging, the display will show the remaining power. Just fill in the brine with appropriate temperature according to the requirements.

Xiaoshi brand electric nose washer

There are three modes. I feel very smooth when I wash my nose. First, I add it slowly. I give a large cup of salt water. I wash a large cup of salt water almost every day. The salt I give is also good. I wash my nose very comfortable. I also have essential oil. I feel that I make a horse killing chicken for my nose. I can also use it without rhinonitis. Nasal care and toothbrushing are like things. I have fewer colds. Now I wash it in the evening Wash, sleep also comfortable!