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How to worship the God of wealth at home? What should I pay attention to when I invite Wen Caishen a

Among the God of wealth, there are the God of wealth and the God of wealth, which many people don't know. So where is the God of wealth? Is it OK for the God of wealth to sit south and face north? Friends who want to invite the God of wealth at home can come to see the precautions for inviting the God of wealth at home.

Where is the God of wealth

(1) Good place at home

The God of wealth must be placed in the auspicious position, and must not be placed in the murderous side, otherwise it will have both right and wrong.

(2) The God of wealth is placed on both sides of the gate

The God of wealth is placed on both sides of the gate, not facing the gate. Although the gate is where the wealth enters, the God of wealth cannot face the gate.

(3) The God of wealth is placed in the room

The face of the God of wealth can not be placed outside the door, but inside, because it is to send money. If it faces inside, it is to send money to the people inside. If it faces outside, it is to send money to the outside, and the owner will lose money.

(4) The God of wealth needs a censer and a lamp to worship

If the censer and the lamp are made of copper, we can put some desserts, flowers or trinkets in the sacrifice.

The God of wealth worships suitable people

Wencai is a kind of worship for people who are suitable for civil service and employment. It is appropriate to place or worship Wencai.

Is it OK to sit south and face north

The God of wealth can face south. There are two kinds of God of wealth. One is the God of Wen, and the other is the God of Wu. The God of wealth is not placed according to the direction, but according to the position of the door. Generally, the God of Wen is facing the door, and the God of Wu is facing the door.

The God of wealth is generally divided into civil and military God of wealth. The common God of wealth are Fan Li, Xingjun of financial silk, Li Guizu of Zengfu, and Lu Xing of the three stars of fortune, fortune and longevity. Most of them are royal jade belt, crown boots, white face, with a smile, suitable for the Spring Festival, hall hanging. If the family position is not good, don't face the door. If the opposite door doesn't recruit money, it's better to send money. Generally, the God of wealth is Yin but not sunshine. The God of wealth is Guan Yu and Zhao Gongming. They have the characteristics of dispelling evil spirits and preventing evil spirits to attract money. They can place the opposite door, recruit money and prevent evil spirits!

OK, I know how the God of wealth put it.