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Do you use water before brushing? Common mistakes in daily brushing

Brushing teeth is what we need to do every day. Some women who love hygiene brush their teeth three times a day. Are you really right? Do you need water before brushing? What are the common mistakes of brushing teeth?

Should the toothbrush be watered before brushing

General toothpaste: no water!

The toothpaste used by most people mainly includes surfactants, foaming agents, wetting agents, thickeners, aromatics, preservatives and so on. For example, surfactants and foaming agents need water to function.

If you don't get water on your teeth, you can't clean them completely. Isn't it white brush!

Concept toothpaste: desensitization toothpaste, whitening toothpaste, etc., do not touch water!

Some concept toothpastes on the market have special functions. For example, toothpastes containing antiallergic ingredients, whitening ingredients and periodontal disease care ingredients will release active ingredients rapidly when exposed to water. Dry brushing is recommended.

There is a way to get the best of both worlds: rinse your mouth a little before you brush your teeth, and brush after your mouth is wet; or dip water in the cup before you brush, but the disadvantage is that the toothpaste is easy to slip.

The right way to brush your teeth

Brush your teeth twice a day. Brush every tooth surface. The toothbrush should be tilted 45 degrees. Place it at the junction of teeth and gums and vibrate gently. At least two minutes at a time. The angle between the tooth and the toothbrush is 45 degrees. This is the core technology of modern scientific toothbrushing, no matter what toothbrush you use, it should be.

How to brush? The correct way is tremor, a small range of horizontal movement, the amplitude does not exceed the width of one or two teeth, a tooth by tooth brush, bit by bit from front to back, from back to front. The range should not be too large, so the strength is not easy to control, will damage the toothbrush, the most common is to grind a row of grooves in the root of the teeth.

Common wrong brushing methods

Error 1: brush your teeth in cold water

Cold water can cause toothache in dentin sensitive people, and it is not conducive to the active substances in toothpaste.

The main components of toothpaste are friction agent and fluoride. Laboratory research found that the optimal temperature for these effective components to play a role is about 37 ℃.

Mistake 2: brush your teeth too hard

Brushing your teeth with too much force can hurt your teeth.

Error 3: brush your teeth horizontally

The survey shows that more than 90% of people use the form of transverse brushing, which is a physical wear on enamel.

On the one hand, transverse brushing can not remove the garbage in the teeth gap, but also may lead to root wedge-shaped defects, gingival damage, dentin sensitivity and other problems.

Error 4: too short brushing time

Many people think that the purpose of brushing teeth is to remove food residue. But in fact, the purpose of brushing teeth is to eliminate dental plaque.

Dental plaque is a kind of colorless bacteria attached to the surface of teeth and gingival crevices, which is the main cause of dental caries and gingivitis.

According to statistics, the average time for Chinese people to brush their teeth is 59 seconds, which is not enough for the complete and thorough cleaning of the mouth.

Mistake 5: brush your teeth when you get up

98% get up early every day to brush their teeth and then eat breakfast. As a result, the effective tooth protection ingredients in toothpaste don't have much chance to stay on the teeth. Instead, they are eaten with breakfast.