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How to make an appointment to watch cherry blossom in Wuda in 2019? Wuda Cherry Blossom Festival boo

Wuhan University official announcement: Wuda cherry appreciation reservation channel opened at 8:00 p.m. on the 18th. You can enter the reservation system through the official website of Wuhan University, microblog, wechat, etc. to make an appointment for visit in three days. During the period from March 21 to April 4, the daily booking quota is 15000 on weekdays and 30000 on weekends. Who do you want to go with?

Appointment time: it is expected to open the online reservation channel on March 20

Booking website: Or pay attention to official WeChat official account of Wuhan University, make an appointment in the background.

Online booking registration process

The name ID number is 1. The website of Wuhan University is found to be an application link. The registration system is based on real name. Users need to provide mobile phone numbers, names and ID numbers.

2. Only when you make an appointment through the Internet and receive SMS and e-mail with the content of "you have successfully signed up for the cherry blossom season of Wuhan University 2018 & hellip;", can you prove that you have successfully signed up.

Time to visit Cherry Blossom

March to April (expected)

Notice for appointment:

1. Wuhan University will implement the online real name limited free appointment visit (about two weeks) from March 2019.

On weekdays, 15000 people (9000 in the morning and 6000 in the afternoon) are allowed to make an appointment every day;

On weekends, 30000 people (20000 in the morning and 10000 in the afternoon) are allowed to make an appointment every day;

2. The appointment will be opened from 20:00 on March 17, and the real name appointment will be made on the third day after that (i.e. March 20).

Each person can only make an appointment successfully, with 3 ID card numbers at most and 3 appointments per time.

3. If you make an appointment with your real name on the Internet and receive a page reminding you of "successful appointment" or the content of "you have successfully made an appointment with Cherry Blossom & hellip; & hellip;" of Wuhan University in 2018, you can prove that you have made an appointment successfully.

The original of my second-generation ID card (officer's card, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan resident's pass or passport) is the only certificate for appointment. Please take it with you;

4. Those who have successfully obtained the admission qualification are requested to enter the school according to the appointment date and time.

Working days: 8:30-14:00 a.m., 12:00-17:00 p.m

Weekend: 8:00-14:00 a.m., 12:00-18:00 p.m

5. Wuhan University alumni can use alumni information system( )According to the system prompts, after verifying the identity of alumni, make an appointment to enjoy cherry blossom. After successful appointment, alumni can visit the university with their ID cards (military officer card, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan resident pass or passport);

6. If the campus cannot be opened due to rainstorm and other force majeure reasons, the visit qualification will be automatically cancelled on that day;

Appointment telephone: 027-68776826

Admission notice

Please go at the time period corresponding to the admission ticket, scan the QR code e-ticket and check your name and ID card.

Teachers, students and staff are allowed to enter and leave the campus with valid certificates; other school staff (such as candidates, personnel participating in job fairs and contact workers) are allowed to enter the school with corresponding certificates, but are not allowed to enter the central area of closed management without appointment; alumni, soldiers and the elderly can enter the school without appointment with relevant certificates and certificates.

Notice for visiting Wuhan University

1. The booking visitors can enter the school after checking the booking information from the main gate, west gate and Wenlan gate, and the other gates are only allowed to pass through;

2. It is planned to close the central area around Yinghua Avenue, Kunpeng square and administration building, and the reservation personnel can enter the area after re checking.

3. Alumni, soldiers, the elderly and other staff (such as candidates, job fair participants and contact workers) are not allowed to enter the closed management center without appointment.