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What does the tiktok fish mean? What stem? No matter how spicy the fish is, it's unnecessary

What does what what tiktok fish mean? A sound of food is used to express its own wind on the shaking sound. It is like sugarcane, pickled fish, potato and so on. Tiktok is still very good. What does it mean by spicy fish?

What kind of stem is tiktok?

At the beginning, some netizens said in their circle of friends that "I am a fish with pickled vegetables, which is both sour and superfluous." then the stem of "everyone is a fish with pickled vegetables" came out. After it was spread by netizens, it began to be widely used,

I'm a spicy fish. No matter how spicy it is, it's unnecessary. It's derived from here.

Tiktok is another popular application:

I'm a fish with pickled vegetables. It's both sour and redundant

Or a stewed chicken, yellow, stuffy and rubbish

I'm a bottle of Erguotou. It's two and good

I'm a piece of pork, dirty, flowery and fleshy

I am a bean paste bag, funny and silly and straw bag

I'm a potato shred, earthy, funny and loser

I'm a Saber Toothed shark, cheap, stupid and stupid

I'm a spicy fish, no matter how spicy it is