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What are the points for attention in the adjustment of postgraduate entrance examination in 2019? Re

Now, the national line in 2019 has been announced. For many candidates, some who have passed the national line but have not been admitted must pay attention to it. At this time, you can apply for adjustment work. What are the precautions of postgraduate adjustment? Let's get to know it.

(1) Before you apply for the transfer, please carefully read the national regulations on the management of postgraduate enrollment in 2019 to understand the relevant policies. Candidates who meet the basic requirements of the policy can participate in the online transfer.

(2) The opening hours of the national postgraduate enrollment adjustment service system are from March 20 to April 30, 2019. During this period, candidates who are willing to adjust can log in to the system with their registered user name and password to apply for adjustment.

(3) Before filling in the application form, the candidates should fully understand the working methods, plan balance, receiving time, basic requirements, working procedures, re examination methods of the recruitment unit (including all colleges, departments and institutes), as well as the policy differences in training, awards and other aspects of different learning methods (Full-time and part-time) of relevant majors, and fill in the application form according to the requirements of the recruitment unit Report to adjust the volunteer.

(4) Candidates participating in the transfer can fill in three parallel transfer volunteers at one time in the transfer system. After each transfer volunteer is submitted, it is locked by the enrollment unit. The locking time is set by each enrollment unit independently, and the longest time is no more than 36 hours. The enrollment unit shall decide whether to accept candidates to participate in the re examination according to the work situation of the unit. If the enrollment unit refuses the candidate's application for transfer, the transfer will be unlocked at the same time, and the candidate can continue to fill in other volunteers. After the end of the lock time, the system will automatically unlock, and the candidates can continue to wait or apply for other volunteers.

(5) In order to increase the chance of candidates' adjustment, the Ministry of education requires the enrollment units to open the adjustment system for no less than 12 hours each time. Candidates are requested to make a careful choice.

(6) The enrollment unit shall independently determine the initial examination results, disciplines and other basic requirements for accepting candidates' adjustment according to the re examination admission situation of the unit. Candidates choose to fill in the voluntary transfer, which should meet the requirements of the enrollment unit.

(7) After the candidates submit their wishes, please log in to the system in time to check the status of their wishes and whether they have received the notice of retest. If you receive the re examination notice, please confirm your reply through the dispensing system in time, and go through the relevant procedures according to the requirements of the enrollment unit.

(8) After passing the re examination, the enrollment unit will send a notice of admission to the candidates through the dispensing system. The candidates who have received the notice of waiting for admission should log in to the dispensing system for confirmation within the time specified by the enrollment unit.

(9) Once the candidates confirm that they have accepted the notice of waiting for admission, they will not be able to fill in the notice of waiting for admission. If a candidate cancels the confirmed notice of waiting for admission, he or she must obtain the consent of the enrollment unit. After the enrollment unit cancels the notice of waiting for admission, and the candidate logs in to the dispensing system for confirmation, he or she can continue to fill in other dispensing volunteers.

(10) The examinee who has received the notice of retest, if not confirmed to accept the notice of retest in the dispensing system, can not be set to be admitted by the enrollment unit.

(11) During the adjustment period, if you have any questions, please contact the enrollment unit in time.