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Does the hind leg of running really get thicker? How to prevent running legs from getting thicker

Running is a good exercise to lose weight, but many girls worry that their running legs will become thicker. Will they become thicker? How can they not become thicker? If you want to lose weight correctly without causing their legs to become thicker, here are the correct running methods.

Can the running leg become thicker? Can the girl's running leg become thicker? How can the running leg not become thicker

Many women have found a problem, long-term running leads to thick legs. What's going on?

In fact, after running, it doesn't really make your legs thicker. It's because your legs are congested after exercise, leading to muscle expansion. After a week, your legs will return to their original state. It is suggested that after running, patting your thighs and legs can speed up the process.

How can running legs not get thicker?

1. Stretch before running

The first step is to warm up. Before exercise, you must be ready to warm up, so that you can quickly enter the state of exercise, avoid sudden movement and lead to muscle performance can't keep up.

Then after the end of the run can not immediately rest, you can walk for a period of time, also do a stretching exercise, slowly let the body slow down. You can also massage or beat the legs, which can relieve the tight lean meat and avoid thick legs.

2. Correct running posture

Have you ever observed your running posture? Incorrect running habits can cause you to get worse and lose your original curve. First of all, the heel and toe should land on the ground evenly at the same time, which can also cushion the pressure of touching the ground and reduce sprains. In the process of running, you should not be lazy and loose, and your arms should swing to master the rhythm suitable for you, and you don't have to pursue speed. How can the running legs not get thicker

3. Eating after exercise

Pay attention to supplement water before and during running, and do it in a small amount and many times. Do not eat immediately after exercise, it is best to eat after 30 minutes.

In particular, exercise diet should avoid high protein food, to prevent the supplement of protein transported to muscle fibers, muscle legs.

Will girls' running legs become thicker? In fact, this is a problem of the way. As long as the correct method is adopted, girls will no longer have to worry about the problem of legs becoming thicker.