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What are the varieties of folding ear cat? Why don't you suggest having a folding ear cat

I think we all have friends who keep cats. Cats are very docile animals. Have you ever heard of folding eared cats? Folding eared cats are a special breed. How long can folding eared cats live at most?

What are the varieties of folding ear cat

There are two kinds, one is Scottish Fold ear cat, the other is highland fold ear cat. The Scottish Fold ear cat is born with a sweet character like candy. They like to be involved in anything you do, but they are usually quiet and don't make a sound to disturb you.

When buying a folding ear cat, make sure the elasticity of the tail, and check the legs and feet. It should not be thick or inelastic due to short legs or separated toes. To judge the elasticity of the tail, use your hand to gently arch it from the base of the tail to the tail tip. If the elasticity is normal, this arch stroking will not cause discomfort to the cat. Again, this movement must be very gentle!

Is it harmful to raise folding ear cat

The full name of folding ear cat is Scottish folding ear cat, which is a kind of cat originated in Scotland. The ears of Scottish folding ear cat are naturally folded, so they are called folding ear cat. The folding of the ears of Scottish folding eared cat is mainly due to a genetic defect, which leads to a congenital genetic disease from the birth of Scottish folding eared cat, which is often mentioned by the breeders of Scottish folding eared cat.

This congenital genetic disease of Scottish Fold ear cat will cause pain all over the body as soon as it comes on. However, there is no fundamental solution and treatment for this disease at present. Going to the hospital for treatment and taking medicine can only delay the disease of Scottish Fold ear cat. Because it is a genetic disease, this kind of pain and suffering will accompany Scottish Fold ear cat for a lifetime.