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Does areca nut eat much face to be able to be out of shape? How to eat areca face deformation

Areca nut is a favorite food in the leisure time of southerners, so will face deform after eating too much areca nut? Generally speaking, the most common phenomenon for girls to eat betel nut is that their face will become wider.

How does areca nut eat much face width to do

Method 1: stop eating betel nut immediately

Often eat betel nut need to constantly use teeth to chew up and down, it is easy to cause masseter muscle in exercise for a long time, make masseter muscle abnormal hypertrophy, lead to face bigger, at this time the first thing to do is to stop chewing betel nut or chewing gum, prevent masseter muscle further deformation.

Method 2: massage and relax masseter muscle

Massage the face can also effectively thin masseter, rub some cream or massage cream when washing the face, then massage the facial muscles, first massage and stretch the cheeks on both sides, then massage the chin, squeeze the Chin's muscles from the upper to the neck, until the facial muscles are slightly hot, it can effectively soften the excess muscles and achieve the effect of face lift.

Method 3: eat more food containing potassium

Potassium can reduce too thick masseter, and will make the muscle is not suitable to generate, with the effect of thin face. Sardine, oats, potatoes, pumpkins, barley, buckwheat, whole grain foods, dried apricot, Mei Gan, raisins, peanuts, apricots, bananas, wheat germ, Hami melon, cherry, mango, orange, melon seeds, sardines, yogurt, milk, orange, papaya, kelp, chocolate, roasted sweet potatoes, citrus, apple, apricot, red dates, grapes, broccoli. Goose, soybean, black bean, red bean, mung bean, spinach, potato, etc.

Method 4: hot compress facial muscles

If you eat too much betel nut, your face will become wider. You can also relieve it by hot compress, which can promote the blood circulation of the face and gradually relax the stiff muscles of the face. Every day, massage the stiff muscles of your fingers and fingers for about 5 minutes.

Method 5: make up to help cover up

Facial muscle deformation can't return to normal in a short time and a half. It takes a long time to recover. During this period, we can try to cover up the facial deformation through makeup to make the face look normal.

Method 6: facial shape was restored by operation

If chewing betel nut for a long time leads to the abnormal development of masseter muscle, and there is no effect through the above methods, then we can consider the way of surgery to restore the face shape. However, the removal of facial masseter muscle surgery is a certain risk, we must carefully consider, and to choose a regular hospital.


If you eat too much betel nut, your face will be deformed. You should try to avoid chewing gum, beef jerky, sugarcane, betel nut and other chewable food, and try not to chew hard food, so as to avoid further increase of masseter muscle.

Who can't eat betel nut

1. Family members with a history of cancer should not eat betel nut. There are both internal and external causes of cancer. If there is a history of cancer in the family, then the DNA of gene cells of the family members is easily affected by the outside world and suddenly becomes cancer.

2. People who have ever suffered from one kind of cancer (not necessarily oral cancer) can not eat betel nut, because it is easy to suffer from double or even multiple cancers.

3. Patients with hypertension, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, pregnant women, young children and the weak can not eat because betel nut can dilate blood vessels.