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What's it like to eat betel nut for the first time? How about eating too much betel nut

What's the reaction of eating betel nut for the first time? Many people like to chew betel nut when they have nothing to do, but according to research, eating too much betel nut is easy to cause cancer, so what's the feeling of eating betel nut for the first time? Let's understand.

What's the reaction of eating betel nut for the first time

It is understood that for the first time chewing betel nut may appear red, chest tightness, these are normal phenomena. Betel nut is one of the four most valuable Southern medicines in China, which can excite people.

In addition, areca nut has many diseases, such as edema, arthrolysis, invigorating the spleen and regulating the middle.

Excessive chewing of betel nut can cause diuresis, drowsiness, chest tightness, sweating, dizziness and shock. Because chewing action is frequent, it will cause tooth loss and dental bed shaking.

How to eat betel nut

It is understood that betel nut is eaten raw and dry. Dry eating is to dry the betel nut and keep it for long-term consumption. Eating raw is to cut the fresh areca nut into small pieces and chew the flesh and core at the same time. For Taiwanese, they have a set of skills in eating betel nuts. Peel the leaves of the betel nuts with a little lime and stir them. Then cut the betel nut, put the rolled leaves in the middle, and chew them together.

Because the three objects are red after mixing, the juice spit out after chewing is like blood, with a pool of blood at the corners of the mouth and between the teeth.

Although it looks unsightly, but chewing betel nut face ruddy, warm body, like drinking a cup of wine.

What happens when you eat too much betel nut

1. Damage teeth

The reason that most people like to eat areca is that eating areca will make people happy. In fact, the main reason is that arecoline in areca can make people's nerves excited. But also because of this, often chewing betel nut, the juice of betel nut will always exist in people's mouth. In addition, if you don't pay attention to your oral hygiene after chewing betel nut, your teeth will become more and more black in the long run, making others look terrible.

2. Occurrence of oral cancer

Chewing betel nut for a long time can lead to oral submucous fibrosis, which not only causes oral mucosa hardening, but also affects the normal oral function. The taste of betel nut is special. It's easy to be excited after eating. But areca contains a lot of arecolin and alkaloids, which can lead to oral mucosal fibrosis. Clinically, it is difficult to open the mouth, ulcers and so on. Over time, cancer may occur.