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Tiktok, how beautiful is the moon tonight? The beauty of the moon

Tiktok tonight's beautiful moonlight, we all know what it means, in the past a while, there are very stalks, many people regard it as a high-end statement, but in fact, it is more implicit I love you, so how to reply? Actually, reply is also very skillful.

The moon is beautiful and the wind is gentle tonight.

"The moon is beautiful tonight" is a short translation from Natsume Soseki when he was an English teacher at school. It is necessary to translate the I love you that the hero and heroine couldn't help saying when they were walking under the moon into Japanese.

Students translate it literally as' I love you ', but Natsume Soseki said that the Japanese would not say it like this, so it should be more tactful and implicit.

The students asked how to say that. Natsume Soseki pondered for a moment and told the students that it was enough to say 'the moon is beautiful (the moon is beautiful tonight)'.

It's a beautiful moon tonight. It also has the implication of 'the most beautiful moon I'll see with you'.

The moon is beautiful tonight

The moon is fine tonight, so are you.

In his green years, if you can meet a teenager who speaks this sentence to you with red ears, or a person who can make you summon up the courage to say this sentence, it is enough to constitute a good memory for a long time in the future. If you have someone you like, be bold. Invite TA on a moonless night, and then say to ta firmly: the moon is very good tonight.

There are other beautiful moons tonight

'kiss me. '

'me too. '

'I don't see the moon. I see you all. '

'on the moon, Liu Shaotou, after dusk. '

But there's a funny reply here. It's suitable for forks. It's dead with laughter. It's suitable for lovers to make jokes. If you express yourself, you'll find yourself dead.