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2019 vernal equinox solar term health tips

In a few days, it will be the vernal equinox. The vernal equinox is a solar term that needs special commemoration. How much do you know about the knowledge of health preservation of vernal equinox? Health preservation in spring is also a crucial time, so don't ignore it.

Vernal equinox health knowledge 1, daily life often

In daily life, we should have a regular life and combine work with rest, so that the rhythm of life can be adjusted with the change of time, space and four seasons. We should make use of the good opportunity full of vitality to do more outdoor activities and relax our body and mind.

Spring equinox health knowledge 2. Diet conditioning

In order to nourish the liver in spring, we should eat more spicy and warm food, such as Douchi, scallion, ginger, leek, shrimp and so on. We should also eat less sour and more sweet food, such as jujube, lily, pear, longan, tremella, radish and so on. Eat less spicy hot pot, mutton, dog meat, spicy and fried food, because these foods may consume Yang Qi and lead to heat.

Vernal equinox health knowledge 3. TCM conditioning

According to traditional Chinese medicine theory, spring should be in the liver, summer in the heart, long summer in the spleen, autumn in the lung, winter in the kidney. Spring is the season of high incidence of liver diseases, health care focuses on nourishing the liver, coordinating the balance of yin and Yang of the liver. It is also an effective way to choose some Chinese herbal medicines for decocting and taking. Some Chinese herbal medicines for nourishing liver, soothing liver and clearing heat can be used to effectively prevent diseases.

Vernal equinox health knowledge 4. Regulate emotions

At this time, the human body's blood and hormone activities are at a relative peak, and the sudden change of climate will lead to the imbalance of the human body, induce hypertension, heart disease and menstrual disorders, and easily produce vertigo, insomnia and other diseases, which is the time of multiple diseases, so it is very important to avoid emotional fluctuations and regulate emotions.

Vernal equinox health tips 5. Exercise

Outing, doing sports (such as yoga, Tai Chi, jogging, badminton & hellip;), picnics & hellip; & hellip;) are all sources of positive energy, which can regulate the spirit well. The whole body exercise can exercise the liver and lung at the same time, and enhance the body's resistance. Another way to benefit the lung is to rub your nose, take a deep breath, beat your back and sit upright, and take cold exercise. Massage the nose with thumb, cold exercise can choose cold water face, feet, bath, etc. '

Food recommendation for nourishing liver at equinox

1. Carrots. Carrots contain a variety of compounds that can improve the antioxidant capacity of the liver, protect the liver from carbon tetrachloride induced hepatotoxicity, and have a strong recovery function to the damaged liver.

2. Wolfberry. Lycium barbarum has the function of nourishing liver and benefiting essence. It contains essential sugar, protein, vitamins, phosphorus, iron and other nutrients. It can help protect liver cells, improve liver function, and has a certain effect on the treatment of chronic hepatitis. Chinese wolfberry, jujube and japonica rice are used to cook porridge, which can nourish liver and regulate intestines and stomach.

3. Asparagus. Besides drinking more water and taking more rest, eating asparagus can also relieve alcohol and protect liver, a new study has found. The amino acids and minerals in Asparagus and asparagus leaf extract can alleviate the symptoms of hangover and protect liver cells from alcohol toxin. The researchers said that asparagus leaves have higher concentrations of amino acids and minerals than asparagus, and have better effects on anti alcohol and liver protection.

4. Flammulina velutipes. Flammulina velutipes is a favorite food for many people. It is cold, sweet, salty, rich in B vitamins, vitamin C, minerals, carotene, a variety of amino acids, with liver, stomach and other benefits. It is also high potassium and low sodium food, can prevent and treat hypertension, is very beneficial to the elderly.