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What are the application materials for swimming pool high risk certificate? How to deal with high ri

Running a swimming pool requires multiple approval procedures, among which the hygiene license is the most important. What are the application materials for high-risk license of swimming pool? How to deal with the high risk certificate of swimming pool? Let's have a look.

Methods / steps:

First of all, we should go to the Sports Bureau to examine and approve the high-risk sports license. To obtain the license, we need swimming pools, life-saving facilities, life-saving equipment, etc., which must meet the national standards, and have a number of swimming lifeguards and social sports instructors who meet the national standards, and a series of safety guarantee systems and measures;

After preparing for high-risk sports, we need to:

1. Application for health license;

2. A copy of the notice of pre approval of the name of the unit or a copy of the business license;

3. Copy of ID card of legal representative and person in charge or qualification certificate of entrusted agent;

4. Health management organization of the applicant;

5. The health management and disinfection system of the application unit;

6. A schematic diagram of the business address of the applicant, indicating the specific location;

7. The plan of the business site (the name and area of each functional room, the location of sanitary facilities such as cleaning and disinfection, the basic sanitary facilities and photos shall be indicated);

8. List of employees and copies of their health certificates;

9. House ownership and lease certificate;

10. Unit commitment Secretary purchase unit test report (relevant certificates);

After the application unit passes the acceptance inspection, it shall provide the health inspection report and water quality inspection report of corresponding public goods issued by the legally qualified health technical service agency according to the regulations on the administration of public places, and provide the health inspection report for the central air conditioner.

matters needing attention:

Attention should be paid to the Sports Bureau for high-risk sports permit first

The list of control materials is well prepared and the procedures are complete. If you have any questions, you can call the local health management department for consultation.