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What do I mean by tiktok? I don't want her song story background

Tiktok recently sounds like a song of old wind, but it also has some sad feelings. Let's see what I mean by crossing her. What is the background of this story? Let's get to know.

What do you mean by me or not

The lyrics of "do me not do her" are the monologue of a man who escapes. In the song, an amorous monk image is set up, expressing his concern for the monk's beloved woman.

'I' in the lyrics is a monk. Although I have been divorced from the world of mortals and become a monk, I still care about my beloved woman. Seeing that this life can't be continued, I just hope that I will not be a monk in the next life, and that I can marry my beloved woman.

Although 'I' have become a monk and broken the earthly persistence, but 'she' has not yet seen through the world and is still waiting for 'I' to return to 'her'. But she didn't wait for her sweetheart to return, and finally she died alone.

This situation, this scene, how can he be at ease. So, the monks called out to the Buddha, "why do I not do it to her?". Because in his view, if the Buddha can transform his beloved woman, she can also be the same as himself, and she will not have to suffer from Acacia for the rest of her life.

The background of her song (from netizens)

Once upon a time, there was a princess whose family lived near a temple. When I was young, I went to a temple with my father to worship Buddha. I met a little monk who was always knocking wooden fish in the temple. Every day, the princess went to play with him and brought him some delicious food. The little monk is always shy and careful with the wooden fish in his hand. When the princess was talking and laughing, he listened with a smile.

The little monk's favorite food is sugar gourd. Although he never said it, every time the princess went to him, she would bring him a sugar gourd.

In this way, six years later, the cultivation of the little monk became higher and higher, and the princess became more and more beautiful. On this day, the princess's father went to the little monk's master with a sad look. The princess was also abnormal, no longer laughing, no longer making noise.

The little monk was puzzled. The princess asked: 'little monk, do you like me. The little monk did not speak.

The princess said 'I know'. At this time, the princess's father came out and planned to take the princess away. If the princess doesn't leave, she has to stay with the little monk. But the little monk says that men and women are different. Please go back, princess. The princess yelled at the little monk, "I like you." he turned his back to her and went back to the room.

Then the princess never came again. The next day, the third day, the fourth day, the princess never came again. Little monk's accomplishments are getting higher and higher.

One day, when he was going to concentrate on studying Buddhism, he heard the bad news that the princess was dead. She was dressed in a red wedding dress and hanged to death.

It turns out that a prince with bad character took a fancy to the princess and wanted to marry her. The princess didn't want to. For the sake of her daughter's happiness, her father once begged the little monk's master to make her daughter happy. But the little monk's master said that he was a real Buddha and would not let him give up his future because of his love for his children. The night before the wedding, the drunken prince came to the door, wanted to get married with the princess in advance, and forcibly occupied the innocent body of the princess.

Looking at the body of the princess in the red wedding dress and the red cap, the little monk said, "since the Buddha doesn't help her, then I will become a devil to protect her!" the next day, he found the prince who forced the princess to death and sealed his throat with a sword.