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Is pitaya a hot fruit? Who is not suitable for pitaya

Pitaya is rich in nutrition, with powerful effect and delicious taste. It can be the most beautiful health care fruit and is loved by many people. Is pitaya a hot fruit? Who is not suitable for pitaya? Let's have a look.

Is pitaya hot or cold?

Pitaya is a cool tropical fruit with cool nature and sweet and sour taste.

Most fruits are cool and cool in summer, which fruits are suitable for people. Generally speaking, people with high temperature and hot constitution in summer have strong metabolism, sweat more, and often have red face, dry mouth, irritable mood and constipation. They like cool things in summer.

Pitaya is suitable for people

Pitaya is a kind of fruit suitable for both men and women, old and young. It can prolong life and strengthen body.

1. Pregnant women, pitaya high nutritional value, prevention and treatment of constipation, anemia, improve melanin deposition, whitening skin effect, in addition to allergic pregnant women, pregnant women can eat pitaya, for their own and the baby to improve nutrition, but should not eat more.

2. Baby, baby can eat pitaya properly. It is recommended to eat pitaya with apples, bananas and other fruits, so it is not easy to cause allergic reactions. Small pitaya seeds should be given to babies aged from July to September, and smaller ones should be ground.

3. Lactating mothers, lactating mothers can eat pitaya, pitaya growth is rare disease, the mother after production is very easy to constipation, eating pitaya can prevent constipation, good has a certain role in lactation, very suitable for lactating mothers.

Pitaya is not suitable for people

1. Diabetics, pitaya is not sweet, but it is rich in glucose which is easily absorbed by human body, and the sugar content is one to two times of the same kind of fruit.

2. The people with qi stagnation constitution, phlegm dampness constitution and blood stasis constitution should not eat more. Pitaya is cold, which will aggravate the disease.

The above is the introduction of Pitaya hot or cold brought by Pro rural network. It also brings us the suitable and unsuitable people of Pitaya. You can choose whether it is suitable to use pitaya according to your own constitution, and remind us that no matter what kind of constitution, you should not eat too much pitaya.