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What should I do the first time I lose my mobile phone? How to deal with the lost mobile phone corre

Nowadays, people's life is more and more dependent on smart phones. In addition to making phone calls and sending text messages, are many people almost inseparable from mobile phones in their daily life? However, once the mobile phone is lost, it is a very troublesome thing. What should we do immediately after the mobile phone is lost?

Step 1: call back your mobile phone with other devices immediately

If you're not sure if your mobile phone is lost or stolen, you can call the police and call back at the first time. On the one hand, it is to check whether the mobile phone is still around, and on the other hand, it is to determine whether the user who finds the mobile phone is willing to return it. If you dial the phone and find that the other party has turned off, you should consider protecting your account and mobile data.

Step 2: remotely lock and clear data

How to retrieve a stolen mobile phone? Most mainstream mobile phone brands now provide mobile phone retrieval services. For example, Apple has' find my iPhone ', Huawei cloud service and Xiaomi cloud service of Android manufacturers can achieve positioning, remote locking and clear data (some mobile phone security software also provide this function), but only if you have turned on the mobile phone retrieval service. If there is no hope of remote data clearing, you need to start freezing the account bound to the mobile phone at this time.

Step 3: freeze all types of accounts

Report the loss of SIM card and mobile phone number

Timely reporting the loss of mobile phone number can effectively avoid the friends in the address book being cheated, and also prepare for the replacement of the number. There are three ways to report the loss, which are telephone report, business hall report and internet report. You can choose the fastest way according to your own situation.

China Mobile: call 10086 to report the loss of the phone, and the website is Generally, click business basic services report the loss of mobile phone to handle it immediately. The business hall needs to find it locally.

China Unicom: 10010, network address

China Telecom: telephone 10000, network address

Freezing mobile phone network banking, Alipay

In the years when mobile payment has become so popular, it is very common to bind online banking. After calling the bank card, the ID card will not be lost immediately. Alipay mobile phone users need to call 95188 for freezing.

ICBC (95588) ABC (95599) Bank of China (95566)

China Construction Bank (95533), Bank of Communications (95559) and China Merchants Bank (95555)

Guangdong Development Bank (95508), Everbright Bank (95595) Huaxia Bank (95577)

Shenzhen Development Bank (95501), Minsheng Bank (95568) and Industrial Bank (95561)

Freeze mobile wechat, QQ, microblog and other social network accounts

Besides property security, privacy security is equally important. If you can't log in without your mobile phone number, you can log in through If the QQ and wechat accounts are frozen, the password can also be retrieved through the proof of friends; if the mobile phone is also bound with social network accounts such as microblog, similar processing is also needed.

Step 4: make up the mobile phone number and rebind all kinds of accounts.

After the mobile phone is lost, you need to take materials to apply for another mobile phone card or apply for the original mobile phone number according to the situation. At the same time, the above account number is also re bound with the mobile phone number. At this point, the loss of mobile phones should come to an end, in addition to mobile phones, all aspects of the loss can be minimized