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How does crus thick lose weight quickly? How to lose weight quickly

Do you know how to reduce the crus? Exercise is not a wise choice, because it will increase the calf muscles, and will not bring a very slim aesthetic feeling. Many stars in the entertainment industry have good-looking legs, so how to quickly slim them?

The first step is to soften exercise and improve leg muscles

Often participate in sports, the front of the thigh is easy to appear stout situation. So how to change this situation? In fact, a simple lunge can help you

Spread your legs forward and back, press your hands on your knees, focus on your front feet, and straighten your back feet for 15 minutes. Remember to keep your waist straight, hold this motion for 15 seconds, and then move on the other side.

The second step is slimming food to speed up the burning of leg fat

Grapefruit: grapefruit is a good helper to help you lose elephant legs. Its unique fruit acid composition can greatly promote the metabolism of the body, and it contains low calories, but the potassium content is the most in weight loss fruits.

Apple: apple is very high in calcium, which helps to promote metabolism. At the same time, malic acid in apples can also help burn calories. As for the water-soluble fiber pectin can help improve constipation, clear the garbage in the intestines, can let you feel a lot lighter.

Kiwifruit: rich in cellulose, fiber swelling, easy to make people feel full. Not only that, fruit fiber can also speed up the decomposition of fat, avoid too much fat to make legs thicker.

The third step is slim leg trick, insist on having Yang Minggu in March

Pat the inside of the thigh after the bath. After taking a bath, while the blood circulation is just right, pat the inner thigh with the palm of your hand, which can also help you have symmetrical legs.

When sitting, try to fit your legs together while your knees are together, and relax after about 10 seconds. Repeat and breathe evenly. Short time muscle contraction and relaxation alternately, can effectively thin build leg line.