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Where can I find wechat moment video? How to use wechat moment video

This wechat update, there is a moment video, but for many people, may not know where to find wechat moment video? How to use wechat moment video? Let's have a look!

Methods / steps:

First of all, we need our wechat to be the latest version 7.0. After confirming the update, we'll just click my button.

In my button, we see a camera symbol in the top right corner of the interface. We can click it directly to enter.

Another way is that we can directly pull down after my interface to see the interface of the moment video.

After clicking, you will directly enter a small video recording interface, and then we can record it. This is also time limited, you can see the progress bar!

After recording, you can see the following we can modify, we can add music, smiley face and text, after all done, click on the back of it.

After shooting, where can we see our pictures? In my personal interface, we can see our nickname with a part of the video we shot on it. We can watch it directly by pulling down.

In the process of drop-down, I also saw an option in the future, that is, to select whether to play in silence, so we can adjust it directly.

As for the video, our wechat friends can only see it within 24 hours after the video is released.