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How much is the transfer fee of used car? What are the precautions of second hand car ownership tran

Now, with the price rising, many people will still give priority to buying second-hand cars when the economy is not abundant. How much is the transfer fee of second-hand cars? What are the precautions of second hand car ownership transfer? Let's have a look.

Second hand car transfer fee standard:

Second hand car transfer fee is mainly charged according to the displacement and year. According to the types of cars, off-road vehicles, buses, trucks and other vehicles, as well as different displacement range, load range and other categories, different charging standards are adopted.

The minimum transfer fee is 200 yuan, and the maximum transfer fee is 800 yuan. Among them, 200 yuan is charged for less than 1.0L displacement, 400 yuan for 1.0l-1.9l displacement, 600 yuan for 2.0l-2.9l displacement, and 800 yuan for 3.0L and above displacement. There will be some fluctuations with the relevant policy documents, but the fluctuations are not large.

Transfer fee algorithm:

Take Bora 1.8 manual payment as an example. According to the charging standard, the starting price is 1400 yuan, and the lowest price is 300 yuan. The average annual transfer fee of Bora 1.8 manual payment is (1400-300 yuan) & divide; 15 years & asymp; 75 yuan. Due to the high depreciation rate in the first three years, the annual transfer fee is reduced by 120 yuan, so the transfer fee of 2002 model is 1400 yuan - 3 years & times; 120 yuan = 1040 yuan. If the depreciation rate of vehicles with more than three years decreases and the annual transfer fee decreases by about 100 yuan, the transfer fee of vehicles with more than three years in 2001 is: 1400 yuan - 3 years & times; 120-100 yuan = 940 yuan. and so on.

Notes for second hand car ownership transfer:

1. The seller's ID card

By checking the seller's ID card, we can determine whether the seller has the right to use and control the motor vehicle.

2. Vehicle license

At this time, the motor vehicle obtains the certificate of legal driving right.

3. Vehicle registration certificate

Every vehicle driving on the road will be registered in the local vehicle management office. If necessary, you can call the vehicle management office for verification.

4. Proof of motor vehicle origin

It's the original car purchase invoice.

5. Vehicle number plate

Check whether there is any trace of smear change, which should be consistent with the number plate registered on the driving license.

6. Frame number

It is usually engraved on the instrument panel of the vehicle and should be consistent with the number registered on the driving license.

7. Insurance policy

Only the insured car can minimize the owner's loss in the event of a traffic accident.

8. Road Transport Certificate

If it is an operational vehicle, it is necessary to check whether it has a road transport permit.

9. Tax payment certificate

We must pay attention to check the tax payment certificate of purchase tax, vehicle and vessel use tax, etc.

Extended information:

Vehicle ownership transfer is to change the name of the owner of the vehicle. The most important part of buying a second-hand car is to go through the ownership transfer procedure. Some friends who don't know how to buy a second-hand car ignore the ownership transfer procedure in order to save money,

The lucky car doesn't have any accidents. If it's not lucky, it's troublesome to be caught by the police uncle. The fine is calculated separately. The insurance company won't pay for the key car accident. No matter how much the loss is, it has to bear by itself. It's greedy for small gains and big losses.


Every car has a fixed account. Just like us, the account mainly registers the owner and address of the car, as well as some relevant car parameters. The transfer of the car proves that the car belongs to you and there is no accident or violation of regulations. If the car is not transferred, there are some problems with the general car, such as car accident, not participating in the annual inspection, stealing vehicles, smuggling vehicles, etc., which can not be transferred according to the normal procedures.

Vehicle transfer

When a vehicle is transferred from this city to other places, it is necessary to change its subordinate vehicle management authority, and the registration is called naturalization. The license plate and driving license must be changed for the transfer of vehicles, and the procedures should be handled in two vehicle management organs respectively, including the transfer out procedures and the transfer in procedures.

Basic process

Vehicle management office file checking & rarr; criminal investigation, industrial and commercial vehicle inspection & rarr; receipt of vehicle license acceptance & rarr; original vehicle license collection & rarr; purchase tax transfer & rarr; insurance renaming.

Materials required:

(1) The original application form for motor vehicle registration, transfer, cancellation of registration / transfer in;

(2) The original and copy of the identity certificate of the current motor vehicle owner;

(3) The original or original and copy of the certificate and certificate of the transfer of the ownership of the motor vehicle. Among them, the used car sales invoice, the notice of assistance in execution and the allocation certificate issued by state organs, enterprises, institutions and social organizations shall be the original;

(4) Certificate of deregulation of vehicles under customs supervision of the people's Republic of China or original transfer certificate approved by the Customs (motor vehicles under customs supervision);

(5) Original driving license;

(6) The original of motor vehicle inspection record form (with standard photos and frame number rubbings).

(7) Original of motor vehicle registration certificate;

(8) One standard photo of motor vehicle;

(9) "Power of attorney" and identity certificate of the agent (motor vehicle registration and related business applied by the agent).

Required documents:

Original owner's ID card, new owner's ID card, original / duplicate of vehicle driving license, purchase tax book, tax payment certificate of vehicle and vessel use tax, motor vehicle registration certificate, motor vehicle criminal investigation inspection certificate, insurance policy / card / invoice. All the above must be provided with the original.

Detailed process:

1. Open according to the transaction: pay used car transaction tax. 1% for private households and 4% for public households,

2. Vehicle external inspection: drive the vehicle to the inspection place, carry out external inspection, number extension, license plate removal and photography, get the vehicle photos, paste them on the inspection record sheet, and go to the transfer hall for filing.

3. License plate number selection: after the number machine takes the number, it queues up with relevant materials to pay the transfer fee.

4. Transfer and move out: the required materials include motor vehicle registration, transfer and cancellation registration form / transfer in application form, inspection record form, original motor vehicle property right registration certificate, original driving license, original owner's ID card, original license plate number, vehicle photo, transfer invoice of trading market.