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2019 national line for postgraduate entrance examination today announced a list of national lines fo

Today, the Ministry of Education announced the basic requirements for candidates to enter the re examination of the national postgraduate entrance examination in 2019 (National score line), and the re examination of the national postgraduate entrance examination in 2019 is in full swing. So how much is the national line of postgraduate entrance examination this year?

The Ministry of education has previously issued such documents as "Regulations on the management of national postgraduate enrollment in 2019" and "notice on further standardizing and strengthening postgraduate examination and enrollment", making a comprehensive deployment for the national postgraduate enrollment in 2019. According to the relevant documents, on the basis of the national score line, and in combination with the source of students and enrollment plan, the enrollment unit shall independently determine the initial examination score requirements and other academic requirements for the candidates of its own unit to enter the re examination, but shall not issue discriminatory or other unfair regulations. The enrollment unit should formulate the basic norms of the reexamination team work, the reexamination team members should score independently on site, and the whole process of the reexamination should be recorded and recorded. The duration of opening the dispensing system for each enrollment unit accepting the application for dispensing shall not be less than 12 hours. For the candidates who have the same subjects in the first examination, the enrollment unit shall select them according to their first examination results. It is not allowed to simply use the non academic standards such as the time when the candidates submit their wishes for adjustment as the basis for selection. All the list of candidates to be admitted must be publicized for at least 10 working days. Candidates who have not been publicized by the enrollment unit are not allowed to be admitted or registered. Education administrative departments at all levels, provincial education enrollment and examination institutions and enrollment units should provide candidates with consultation and appeal channels, and investigate and handle relevant complaints and reports in a timely manner according to relevant regulations.

In order to facilitate candidates to apply for transfer, China graduate enrollment information network will open the "National Graduate Enrollment transfer service system" from March 20 to April 30 , education website: )。 The Ministry of education reminds candidates who are willing to adjust their enrollment to log in to the national master's enrollment adjustment service system and the website of enrollment units in time to fully understand the adjustment methods and plan balance of enrollment units (including colleges, departments and institutes), as well as the policy differences of different learning methods (full-time and part-time) of related majors in terms of training, awards and assistance, and understand the functions of the adjustment system in advance Fill in the application form according to the requirements.