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Age of beauty camera PS makes your photos stand out

Throughout the QQ space of the circle of friends, all kinds of self-made landscape photos have a strong sense of beauty camera. Those photos are often impatient and forget at a glance. The editor who has really seen more beautiful cameras has developed immunity to these photos, while the works of the great gods are often simple but impressive. Besides the technical problems of the photographer himself, the software for processing photos is also very routine. Fairies quickly abandon the beauty camera, Photoshop can make your photos improve a lot in minutes.

PS is a professional photo processing software, which has powerful functions. It can adjust the hue, light and shade, angle of view of photos, and can be combined into unexpected effects through various tools. Today, Xiaobian mainly introduces the matting function of PS.

In fact, PS matting is not difficult at all. The key is that you should be careful and patient enough. The first method is to use the magic wand tool. This should be the simplest method. Just click "magic wand tool" and adjust the selection area, you can cut down the picture very well. Sometimes you use the reverse selection, and the shortcut key for reverse selection is Ctrl + Shift + I.

The second method is to use the color range function to adjust the color tolerance, and the selected effect is not the same. This method is suitable for objects with single color, and the closer the color is, the better the effect is.

The last method is to use mask. This method is widely used, and its function is very powerful. Ordinary matting can use it, and hair can use it, so it is very important to learn to make good use of mask matting.

I don't know if you have learned these methods introduced by Xiaobian. Of course, it's not enough just to talk about things on paper, but also to combine the actual operation of software to learn something. Before choosing the method, the editor should remind you to choose the right tool and use it flexibly, so as to achieve twice the result with half the effort.