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What is the headset of tiktok headphones? A bunch of hot girls are on show

What is headset tiktok? The headset waist is very popular recently. It is a white headset cord tied to the waist, then a bow, what does this mean? And a group of good girl paper is showing.

What does it mean

This is a play originated in February, mainly to prove that their waist is thin, and good-looking, with headphones tied to the waist can also play a bow, it must be very good.

Now we all like to show their body, and show waist is a sexy way, so it is popular.

Headphone waist image:

Generally, those who show their waists are little sisters. They tie headphones to their waists and tie them with a bow. If they can do this, they will prove that their waists are really thin;

There are also small brother will be tied to the waist headphones show abdominal muscles, is to attract attention. In short, it's very easy to tie. If you have white earphones, try them as soon as possible. Maybe they will be popular.

What headset tiktok is all about, all these new ways of playing on the tiktok are very suitable for young people. Many trends are beginning to appear from the jitter.