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All very good. What's the ending of the original novel? Who was su Mingyu last with

The start of the play "all very well" has aroused a heated debate among the whole people, because it reflects too many practical problems. The play starts with son preference. The original family leaves a shadow on the hearts of every child, exposing them one by one in their lives. Many children want to ask, what's the final outcome? After watching it, do many people think that the native family is really important for children's education.

In the novel, Su Mingyu's ending is perfect. Although she has experienced a lot of bad things, she meets Shi Tiandong, which brings a lot of warmth to her life, melts her heart, and makes her find her own happiness. Su Daqiang is finally punished. He is cheated and has been stimulated by Alzheimer's disease. His two sons don't care about him, only Mingyu Support him.

Su Mingyu and Su Mingcheng have serious problems. One is a good face, but the other is an old man, childish and immature. They bring a lot of harm to the people around them, and they are finally punished.

In the ending of the novel, Su Mingcheng's ending is very miserable. He beat Su Mingyu violently and was caught in prison. In the end, Mingyu let him go. When he came out, he invested in the factory. Who knows, in the end, he lost all his money. Julie was fed up with him. He not only became very angry, but also violent. Su Mingyu beat Julie, and finally Julie chose to divorce, but Su Mingcheng had nothing left. The end was miserable!

Su Daqiang has been a wimp all his life. When he gets old, he still doesn't forget to pit his children. He works for heaven and earth. In the end, he is cheated by the nanny and gets married. He swindles all his money. Su Mingyu scolds Su Daqiang in front of the police. Su Daqiang is blown up and finally gets Alzheimer's disease. Mingyu takes the responsibility of supporting him.

Su Mingzhe is the most hateful one of his brothers and sisters. He is the eldest brother, but he is always evading responsibility. He doesn't touch his own interests, so it's none of his business. A man like Su Mingzhe really can't marry, or he will be ruined. Finally, he can't change his family situation, so he and Wu Fei go back to the United States.

Fortunately, Mingyu finally got happiness. She was relieved that she had Shi Tiandong's favor, and the whole person became more clear. Shi Tiandong's words surprised Xiaobian deeply: "you can choose not to forgive, but you can also choose to put it down." Su Mingyu finally put it down.

The ending of the novel is like this. I don't know if it will be like this after watching the ending on the Internet, but I can conclude with emotion that the poor people must have something to hate. After regret, they will become pitiful. Before regret, they will be pitiful. After regret, they will regret. The novel must be different from the script. After all, in order to cater to the senses of the radio and television bigwigs, the TV series are not played by the teachers It's all good, whether it's a novel or a TV play, it's all great.