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What's the meaning of box in one beat? The life span of girls' clothes is too short

What's the reason for a box? Recently, many people have been talking about a box and a box. At the beginning, they thought that there should be a connection between the box and the floor in the chicken eating game. In fact, it's not like this. It has a certain relationship with girls. Let's get to know it.

What is a box in a beat

Many beautiful girls' clothes have a very short life span. They usually stay on the day of taking photos. They happily put on their newly bought clothes and take all kinds of photos. However, after taking photos, they also announce the end of the life span of the clothes. They fall to the ground and will not wear them again.

This phenomenon has been reflected in many girls. A Shandong woman recycles 1.2 tons of salted fish a year and wears clothes. We hereby appeal to you to be optimistic about buying, and don't buy without wearing.

Taobao VR fitting will reduce the phenomenon of box in one beat

Press the bottom of the box after taking photos