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What's the difference between the change of name and the transfer of ownership? What is the procedur

Now the common property of the young couple sometimes involves some renaming. There are many couples who have not gone through the renaming of real estate and are not clear about the specific procedures of renaming. So what's the difference between the change of name and the transfer of ownership? What is the procedure of husband and wife real estate renaming? Now let's take a look.

What are the differences between property name change and ownership transfer?

1. Operation mode

The real estate renaming is completed by the developer. In the purchase stage, the buyer modifies the purchase contract signed with the developer, so that the owner of the house can be changed into another person or shared by many people. In this process, the owner of the house will not change. Real estate transfer is completed in the real estate trading center. Through the transfer, the ownership of the house is transferred and the owner changes.

2. Is there a real estate certificate

Real estate renaming is a behavior of renaming before the real estate certificate of the house is handled. It can be done by registering with the developer and signing the house purchase contract again. The real estate transfer is based on the premise that the original owner has the real estate certificate of the house, which is realized by transferring the ownership of the house.

3. Expenses

Whether it is the change of name or the transfer of ownership, there will be certain costs in the process of processing. But there are great differences in the amount and form of collection. Real estate renaming charges a fixed fee. After the developer and the buyer sign a new contract, a certain renaming fee will be charged. After that, the developer will notify the renamed person to jointly handle the real estate certificate.

In contrast, due to various forms of real estate transfer, in addition to paying the basic fees, there will be various taxes and fees, ranging from thousands to tens of thousands. If the original owner or the person who has been transferred has multiple properties, they will have to pay more taxes and fees. Therefore, the cost of real estate transfer is much greater than that of real estate renaming.

What is the procedure of husband and wife real estate renaming?

If you want to add the name of husband or wife to the house property certificate or change the co owner between husband and wife, you don't need to pay the deed tax. The place of application is the housing ownership registration department of the Construction Commission of the district and county where the house property is located. However, the following materials should be submitted:

1. Original house ownership certificate (original copy);

2. The agreement and application for change of the house jointly owned by the husband and wife (original version);

3. Marriage certificate;

4. Two copies of house registration form and house property (household) plan attached to the original house ownership certificate.

The above information is the detailed information about the procedures of husband and wife's real estate renaming and the differences between real estate renaming and ownership transfer collected by Xiaobian on the Internet. I hope it can help you. Property name change and property ownership transfer are two things, and there are many differences between them. If the property is renamed between husband and wife, the required materials should be provided as required.