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How does the vesicle on the hand rise very urticant to do?

The phenomenon of small blisters on the hand, which is called sweat blister rash in medicine, belongs to skin eczema. This symptom is hot and humid in summer and self-healing in autumn, but it is easy to recur. The symptoms of the disease are repeated miliary papules and blisters on the fingers and palms. The walls of the blisters are thick, and they will gradually become turbid from transparency. They usually dry up and desquamate after 2-3 days. Sometimes the palms are itchy. In this case, we must not pierce or tear the skin! The following summarizes the causes of the disease and how to deal with it.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that excessive heat and dampness can cause sweating and herpes on the hands. Fungus is also a way of infection, especially in the hot summer to play in the cold water or use some cool objects to cool down, but it is often accompanied by some fungi, thus causing blisters. For sensitive muscle friends, it is also easy to get herpes.

When we find that we have herpes, we can apply antifungal ointment, such as miconazole, ketoconazole, dakinine, etc., which is very effective for small blisters and can quickly return to normal. Eat more cold blood detoxification food: green melon, balsam pear, mung bean, like melon, etc. Vitamin C injection can alleviate the symptoms, usually 2-3 times a day. Soak ginger slices in white wine for 24 hours and smear on the affected area about twice a day. Wash your hands frequently with sulfur soap, and wipe more hand cream after washing.

It's also important to learn how to prevent small blisters on your hands. Generally, you should avoid spicy, coffee, wine and other irritant food, try not to smoke, and do not use alkaline detergent to directly touch your skin. When you feel severe itching, go to the hospital for medical treatment directly, do not tear off the molt with your hand, in order to prevent being poisoned into pus. Friends who have had such situations should be more cautious.