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The theme meaning of the 315 evening party in 2019

The annual 315 consumer rights day is coming. At this time of the year, CCTV 315 party will expose many false enterprises. What problems will be exposed in this year's 315 party? What is the theme of this year's 315 party?

Live broadcast time and theme of 315 evening party in 2019:

Live broadcast time of 315 evening party in 2019: around 20:00 on March 15.

The annual 315 party is usually broadcast live on CCTV comprehensive channel and CCTV financial channel around 8:00 p.m. on March 15, 2019. 3 & middot; 15 party is a large public welfare party jointly sponsored and live broadcast by CCTV and national government departments on the evening of March 15 every year to safeguard the rights and interests of consumers.

Theme meaning of 315 evening party in 2019:

Live broadcast theme of 315 evening party in 2019: credit makes consumption more assured

According to the China Consumer Association, "credit makes consumption more assured" has four meanings:

First, it calls for speeding up the construction of credit system in the field of consumption, forming a fair, scientific and open credit evaluation system as soon as possible through government leading, social participation and industry self-discipline, giving full play to the incentive and restraint role of credit to operators, so as to create a safe and assured consumption environment.

The second is to advocate the operators to operate in good faith according to law, consciously improve the behavior of good faith operation, humbly accept consumers' comments, respect and protect consumers' right of supervision, build brand image with honesty and trustworthiness, and win consumers' trust and recognition.

Third, encourage and guide consumers to advocate their own rights and interests in accordance with the law, actively exercise the right of supervision, actively participate in post consumer evaluation, and actively complain and report dishonest business practices. At the same time, call for the formation of a social atmosphere of attaching importance to, encouraging and protecting consumers' right of supervision, so that consumers can dare to supervise, be willing to supervise and be able to supervise, and make efforts to realize good money and expel bad money in the consumer market.

The fourth is to give full play to the role of the consumer association in organizing the supervision of goods and services, promote the docking of the evaluation information such as investigation experience and comparative test and the consumer complaint information with the operator's credit evaluation mechanism, and help to establish a credit system in the consumption field.