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What does the house transfer need to pay attention to? What are the precautions of real estate trans

Now the discussion on the issue of property transfer is more intense. When it comes to property transfer, what do you think? In fact, real estate transfer is not only the sale of houses, but also the donation and inheritance of houses. So what does the house transfer need to pay attention to? What are the precautions of real estate transfer? Let's take a look at the specific content!

What is real estate transfer?

The whole process of property right transfer from Party A to Party B refers to the process of property right transfer from Party A to Party B. There are several different situations of real estate transfer, such as donated real estate transfer, inherited real estate transfer, second-hand housing transfer, etc.

The procedures required for property transfer are as follows:

1) Real estate transfer registration application form;

2) Identification of the applicant;

3) Real estate title certificate;

4) The administrative decision, real estate sales contract of the relevant administrative organ (if it is required to be notarized, the notarized real estate sales contract shall be submitted) or the notarized real estate gift, or the notarized Real Estate Inheritance certificate, or the real estate exchange agreement, or the real estate division agreement;

5) If the mortgage has been established, a written document approved by the mortgagee shall be submitted;

6) The people's court shall submit the effective judgment, written order, conciliation statement and notice of assistance in execution for compulsory transfer;

7) For the transfer of the real estate of the unincorporated enterprise or organization, the approval document of the property right department for the transfer shall be submitted;

8) For administrative allocation or reduction of land price, approval documents from competent departments and proof of payment of land price shall be submitted;

9) If the real estate is acquired by means of bidding, auction and listing, the letter of confirmation of winning the bid, the letter of confirmation of auction, the contract of land use right transfer and the certificate of paying off the land price shall be submitted;

10) If it belongs to government welfare commercial housing, it shall be submitted to the relevant competent department for approval;

11) In case of compensation for demolition, the agreement on compensation for demolition shall be submitted;

12) The opinions of the real estate co owners on the transfer;

13) For the acquisition or merger of enterprises, approval documents from relevant departments shall be submitted;

14) Real estate allocation between state-owned enterprises or other organizations;

15) Other documents stipulated by laws, regulations, rules and normative documents.

What are the precautions of real estate transfer?

1. If a unit purchases a private house, it is also required to submit the original and copy of the qualification certificate (business license or organization code) of the legal person or other organization of the unit (with official seal), the power of attorney for the legal representative of the unit to apply for the certificate (received at the receiving window), and the original and copy of the trustee's ID card;

2. In case of non residential transfer, the certificate of land use right shall be submitted;

3. If the party concerned can not handle it in person, a power of attorney or notarial certificate shall be issued, and the entrusted party shall issue the original and copy of the ID card;

4. If the house has been leased and the purchaser is not the lessee, the lessee's waiver of preemptive right shall be submitted;

5. If there are co owners, the certificate of CO owner's consent to sell and the certificate of CO ownership shall be issued;

6. If the judgment is made by the court, the court judgment and the notice of assistance in execution shall be issued.

The above is about the detailed introduction of the house transfer, remind you to go to the transaction center to handle the transfer procedures, bring the original property card, copy, ID card, copy. Real estate transfer often happens in our life. We can pay more attention to this aspect.