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What certificate do you need to go through the discharge procedures? What are the general discharge

After the hospital recovers health, can leave the hospital, so what certificate does discharge procedure need? What are the general discharge procedures? Let's have a look.

the doctor is required to issue the discharge certificate and the charge bill at the time of hospitalization.

Discharge process:

1. The doctor issued a discharge certificate.

2. The charge office shall clear the formalities and affix the seal of the medical department.

3. To the inpatient department to pay off the items received during hospitalization, medical staff to explain the matters needing attention after discharge.

The procedures of each hospital are similar, generally ask the nurse can be a good solution, you can also ask the attending doctor, the general doctor to give you a discharge certificate when you will explain, need to bring all the bills, go to which window to deal with.

Extended information:

Hospitalization process:

1. The insured person shall go to the outpatient department of the designated hospital for examination with the medical insurance certificate.

2. Meet the admission conditions and go through the admission procedures.

3. Go to the medical insurance office of the designated hospital with the certificate to apply for hospitalization.

4. The doctor of the medical insurance bureau checks the patient and his condition for approval.

5. After examination and approval, advance payment shall be collected according to regulations for rational drug use and treatment.

6. After the end of hospitalization, the hospital is responsible for the direct settlement procedures, and the hospitalization prepayment is refunded and supplemented.