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Is April Fool's Day suitable for confession? April Fool's day which constellations express the proba

April 1 is April Fool's day every year. This year's April Fool's day will come in half a month. Some people have doubts about whether it is suitable for expressing their feelings. After all, only on April Fool's day do they dare to express their feelings. So is April Fool's Day suitable for expressing their feelings? What are the most successful constellations for expressing their feelings on April Fool's day?

The best constellation for April Fool's Day

No.1 Aries key words: action

If the friends of Aries, just consider in April Fool's day to the person you like, then, this day is the best time, because April 1 April Fool's day, the enthusiasm of Mars is in Aries, this gives the Aries baby energy and momentum, this time is the most suitable to implement some plans. At the same time, Venus is also in Aries at this time, bringing new vitality to the feelings of Aries. At this stage, Aries will be in a good mood, and it's easier to succeed in anything.

No.2 Sagittarius key words: Peach Blossom luck

During April Fool's day in 2017, Mars and Venus are in Sagittarius baby's house of true love, that is to say, Sagittarius baby in this period will become very strong in social aspects, and can get good news of love in some happy atmosphere. If you meet a good person, you might as well consider expressing yourself on April Fool's day, because your peach blossom is very strong on April Fool's day.

No.3 Gemini key words: Language Charm

Before April Fool's day, we have just ushered in the new moon of Aries, which means that Gemini is very suitable to contact some new things and start some new plans. If Gemini intends to make a confession on April Fool's day, it's also a good choice. Because the new moon and Venus will also enhance Gemini's mastery of language, that is to say, Gemini is often able to use language charm to conquer the person they like.

No.4 Capricorn key words: actively strive for

Because Saturn will be retrograde soon, Capricorn baby will find that he is a little nostalgic for the past time, or want to take out some things he wanted to do before and do it again. So, if Capricorn baby is planning to get back together with her ex on April Fool's day, the chances of success are very high. However, for Capricorn's baby, April Fool's day off single opportunity is there, is to see if they are willing to fight for.

No.5 Scorpio key words: active adjustment

During April Fool's day, mercury gradually changes to the opposite sign of Scorpio, which makes you more and more positive to know and contact the person you like, and happily, this sign will also make a good adjustment for your existing relationship. So, if you want to get along with each other, you might as well consider expressing yourself with each other on April Fool's day.