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What causes snoring? How to treat snoring by oneself

Snoring is snoring, I believe we are not unfamiliar, but some people will snore and some people will not, what is the reason? So what is the reason for snoring? What are the self-treatment methods for snoring?

What's the reason for snoring?

1. Obesity

It is found that obese people are more likely to snore than normal people. This is because the airway of obese people is narrower than that of normal people. During the day, throat muscle contraction will not affect the airway release. Once it's time to sleep, nerve excitability will decline. Once the muscle relaxes, it will cause pharyngeal tissue blockage, leading to the occurrence of noise in the narrow part of gas flow, which leads to snoring It's too late.

2. Nasal abnormalities

Some people naturally have respiratory tract, nose, throat parts of the physiological abnormalities, which will also cause snoring, such as nasal polyps, nasal septum deviation, etc., this kind of patients with nasal stenosis is easy to lead to airflow blockage, so that when the gas flow is not smooth, they will snore.

3. Sleeping posture

Some people's sleeping posture is relatively poor, which will hinder the smooth flow of gas for a long time, and can also cause airway constriction and snoring.

4. Unhealthy living habits

People who take sleeping pills or drink alcohol before going to bed, which is not conducive to sleep health, will inhibit smooth breathing, aggravate snoring, and even induce apnea. In addition, the upper respiratory tract inflammation and edema caused by long-term smoking can also lead to snoring.

Self treatment of snoring

Serious snoring patients need to cooperate with certain medical treatment, such as patients with sleep apnea, in addition to these, snorers daily do the following can reduce the occurrence of snoring.

1. Don't engage in stimulating activities before going to bed: it's better to keep a stable mood before going to bed, and don't get too excited, otherwise the nerves can't really relax, and you can't sleep well.

2. Keep the right sleep posture: some people like to sleep on their stomach or on their back, but this will not be conducive to the smooth flow of the respiratory tract. It's better to sleep on one side. The relaxed muscles will tend to one side, which will not block the respiratory tract and reduce snoring.

3. Do not smoke and drink before going to bed: do not drink too much or smoke before going to bed, which will make the muscles more relaxed, aggravate the blockage of respiratory tract when sleeping, and lead to the occurrence of snoring.

4. Weight loss: if you are obese snoring patients, then weight loss can help you reduce the incidence of snoring, because after weight loss, the meat in the throat and nose will become thinner, which is conducive to the smooth flow of the respiratory tract.