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What is the adjustment of medical insurance drug catalogue? What has the medical insurance drug cata

What's the matter with the adjustment of medical insurance drug catalog? What's the situation with the adjustment of medical insurance drug catalog? Many friends still don't know. Let's take a look with Xiaobian.

How is the adjustment of medical insurance drug catalogue going on

On March 13, according to the website of the National Medical Insurance Bureau, the National Medical Insurance Bureau studied and drafted the work plan for the adjustment of the national medical insurance drug catalog in 2019 (Draft for comments), and solicited opinions from the public. The public can make comments before March 26, 2019.

According to the draft, the adjustment of the drug catalogue involves three aspects: Western medicine, Chinese patent medicine and Chinese herbal pieces, including the transfer in and transfer out of drugs. Based on the drug information approved for listing by the State Food and drug administration, it does not accept the application or recommendation of enterprises, and does not charge assessment fees and other fees.

It is worth noting that the imported western medicine and Chinese patent medicine should be registered and listed by the State Drug Administration before December 31, 2018. Priority should be given to national essential drugs, drugs for treatment of major diseases such as cancer and rare diseases, drugs for chronic diseases, drugs for children, and drugs for emergency rescue.

On March 3, Hu Jinglin, director of the State Medical Security Bureau, answered a reporter's question at the "minister channel" and said that this year, more good medicines for life and emergency should be included in the medical insurance. First of all, it is necessary to reform the current management method of medical insurance catalog, establish a dynamic adjustment mechanism of medical insurance catalog, and start the work of catalog adjustment in 2019, which is expected to be completed in September.

According to the draft, according to the field of drug treatment, pharmacological effects, functional indications and so on, experts were organized to review according to the categories. According to the principle of pharmacoeconomics, the similar drugs should be compared, and the varieties with sufficient evidence to prove their clinical necessity, safety and effectiveness, and reasonable price should be preferred.

Among them, transfer in can be divided into conventional access and negotiation access. On the premise of satisfying the effectiveness and safety, those whose price (cost) is equal to or lower than the existing varieties in the drug catalog can be included in the catalog by conventional means. Exclusive patent drugs with higher price or greater impact on the medical insurance fund should be admitted by negotiation.

Chinese herbal pieces are managed by admittance law, and the objects of national level adjustment are only those processed according to national drug standards.

In addition, if the original drugs in the drug catalog have been banned from production, sale and use by the state drug regulatory department, they should be transferred out; if there are other drugs that do not meet the requirements and conditions of medical insurance, they can be transferred out after the corresponding evaluation procedures.

According to the draft, the adjustment of drug catalogue can be divided into five stages: preparation, review, release of routine access catalogue, negotiation and release of negotiation Access Catalogue.

Among them, a new version of drug catalogue will be issued in June, and the list of drugs to be negotiated will be published. After the negotiation from June to July. In August, the National Health Insurance Bureau issued a document to include the drugs that have been successfully negotiated into the drug catalog, and simultaneously clarify the management and implementation requirements.

The above is what happened to the adjustment of medical insurance drug catalog brought by Xiaobian? What is the adjustment of medical insurance drug catalog? Thank you for reading!