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What are the benefits of eating cardamom? Efficacy and function of cardamom and taboo

Cardamom is a perennial evergreen herb. There are four kinds of traditional Chinese medicine named 'cardamom', namely nutmeg, cardamom, cardamom and cardamom. The four varieties are rich in volatile oil. So what are the benefits of eating cardamom? Let's have a look at the efficacy, function and taboo of cardamom.

Basic introduction of cardamom:

Cardamom, a perennial herb, grows in shady and wet places in mountains and valleys. It is cultivated in shade in China. It is cultivated in Hainan, Yunnan and Guangxi, and is native to Indonesia. Cardamom has grass cardamom, white cardamom, red cardamom, etc. They can be used as seasoning for dishes, meat products and pickles. Harvest in summer and autumn, sun to 90% dry, or slightly hot with water, sun to half dry, remove the peel, take out the seed mass, and dry in the sun.

There are three kinds of condiments in the name of cardamom. Cardamom and Alpinia fragrans are both native products. They are the seeds of two Zingiberaceae plants, respectively. But nutmeg is an imported product, native to Southeast Asia and the kernel of evergreen trees. Cardamom, also known as cardamom, has a bitter smell and a pungent, cool and slightly bitter taste. It can remove the peculiar smell and increase the pungent flavor in cooking, and is often used in brine and hot pot. Cardamom is also a kind of pungent seasoning, which can remove the fishy smell and strange smell and enhance the flavor of dishes. It can be used with or instead of cardamom in cooking.

Efficacy and function of cardamom:

1. Removing dampness and promoting Qi

Cardamom can not only remove dampness and promote qi, but also appetizer and digestion. It can be used to treat stomach qi stagnation, dampness in the middle Jiao caused by abdominal fullness, not to eat, chest and abdominal pain, indigestion and other symptoms.

2. Warm and stop vomiting

Cardamom powder can enter the lung meridian and Xuanhua dampness evil, so it is commonly used to treat dampness and temperature, chest tightness, not hunger and other discomfort.

3. Appetizer

It is especially suitable for the treatment of vomiting caused by stomach cold and dampness obstructing qi stagnation. It can be used only as the last medicine, or combined with Huoxiang, pinellia and other drugs. It can also be used with Amomum villosum, licorice and other drugs at the end of the study. It can be used for the treatment of children with stomach cold, vomiting and other diseases.

4. Invigorate the stomach and stop vomiting

Cardamom contains volatile oil, which can promote the secretion of gastric juice, enhance gastrointestinal peristalsis, stop abnormal intestinal fermentation, eliminate gastrointestinal gas accumulation, so it has a good effect of aroma and stomach, and can stop vomiting. The volatile oil can enhance the effect of small dose streptomycin on guinea pigs.

5. Deodorization

Cardamom can also be used with Chinese prickly ash, star anise, cinnamon and other medicinal materials as food seasoning to remove the peculiar smell of fish, meat and other foods.

6. Treatment of sitting sore

In addition, the stem of Alpinia fragrans has great toughness and good permeability. It is a superior knitting material. The woven cushion is warm in winter and cool in summer, and has the function of preventing and treating sit sore.